More than 100 items outlined in action plan to improve LGBTQ2S+ inclusion

The Government of Yukon is releasing a plan on LGBTQ2S+ inclusion that outlines a variety of initiatives aimed at making government programs and services more inclusive and accessible to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and Two-Spirit+ (LGBTQ2S+) communities.

This plan includes more than 100 action items, such as:

  • improve access to Two-Spirit, trans, non-binary-affirming health care;
  • provide public facilities with gender-inclusive washrooms with low-barrier access; and
  • modernize and standardize how we collect sex and gender data are some examples of these action items.

The action plan follows an extensive public engagement on LGBTQ2S+ inclusion in 2018–19. It was developed collaboratively across government and also incorporates feedback from Yukon LGBTQ2S+ organizations, reflecting the government’s commitment to carrying out this work with input from the people who are most directly affected.

We know that LGBTQ2S+ Yukoners have experienced discrimination for far too long. This plan is a major step forward to reducing barriers, increasing inclusivity and forming more equitable government programs and services. It was a campaign commitment in the last election and an important priority for our government. The LGBTQ2S+ community has told us ‘nothing about us, without us’ and we are proud to have done this work in partnership with local organizations and community members.

Minister Responsible for the Women’s Directorate Jeanie McLean

Queer Yukon Society is pleased to see the Yukon Government moving forward with the LGBTQ2S+ Action Plan. This Action Plan provides both a public commitment and a roadmap to address many of the systemic challenges faced by LGBTQ2S+ Yukoners in a strategic way. We are excited to continue working with government and our community to ensure that it is continually updated to reflect the needs of our diverse community. We thank the community members, advocates, and public servants who have worked tirelessly to help the Yukon take this momentous step forward.

Queer Yukon Society Executive Director Joe Wickenhauser

We are pleased with the recent expansion and coverage of gender affirming care in Yukon, which is one of the most comprehensive plans in Canada for the support of transgender, non-binary and Two-Spirit folk. We are excited to work with other Yukon LGBTQ2S+ organizations and the Yukon government to build on this momentum and to help make the Yukon a safe and inclusive place for everyone.

All Genders Yukon Society President Tharian Botting

Quick facts 
  • The action plan includes more than 100 items under nine themes including healthcare, education and youth, community and culture, tourism, inclusive governance, Yukon government as an employer, public facilities, gender data, and accountability. 

  • The action plan and engagement activities are part of a multifaceted approach to create a more inclusive Yukon for LGBTQ2S+ citizens. Continued engagement with LGBQT2S+ organizations, individuals, families and allies will help in updating the action plan as priorities change.

  • A progress report will be completed after one-year following the release of the plan to report back to the community on the status of initiatives. A public survey will be conducted within two years of the release of the action plan to ensure it is still reflecting the community’s needs.


Renée Francoeur
Cabinet Communications

Jane Robinson-Boivin
Communications, Women’s Directorate

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