New Vendor Performance Review Program launched

The Vendor Performance Review Program comes into effect today. This new program will evaluate and score vendors on their performance throughout a government contract.

The review program aims to:

  • incentivize good performance from vendors;
  • encourage vendors and Yukon government project managers to work closely together and communicate throughout the contract; and
  • provide feedback to vendors on ways they can improve their performance.

Vendors will be evaluated on up to seven key performance indicators for each contract to create an average performance score. Higher performers will receive more points, increasing their chances to win a contract in the future.

The Government of Yukon will phase implementation of the new Vendor Performance Review Program to ensure that project managers and vendors are familiar with the program before it affects the actual bidding process.

The Vendor Performance Review Program is an important step in modernizing the Yukon’s procurement processes. This program will reward good performance and strengthen working relations between government and industry. 

Minister of Highways and Public Works Nils Clarke

Quick facts 
  • The Vendor Performance Review Program will consider up to seven key indicators when evaluating the vendor’s performance: cost control, health and safety, quality assurance, schedule and time control, staff and administration, functionality and training which will evaluate goods contracts only, and Yukon First Nations participation.

  • Vendor’s scores will not be public knowledge. Only Yukon government employees involved in procurement and the vendor will be able to view a vendor’s scores. 

  • Program implementation will be phased so that suppliers can become familiar with the program: 

    o Phase 1, October 2021: the Government of Yukon will soft launch the new program for vendors by capturing scores, but removing them from the vendor's record after one year of collection.

    o Phase 2, October 2022: the Government of Yukon will capture scores for one year. These scores will lead to the vendor’s overall score but there will be no impacts to vendors in the procurement process during this year.

    o Phase 3, October 2023: to start the  Government of Yukon will take the average of the vendor’s scores from the last year and consider them during the procurement process. Vendors will continue to receive scores, which will adjust their average score on an ongoing basis.



Renée Francoeur
Cabinet Communications

Madison Guthrie
Communications Analyst, Highways and Public Works

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