Recycling services resume across Yukon

Joint news release with Raven Recycling

Most recycling services across the territory have now resumed after being suspended since March 30. Raven Recycling and many rural recycling and bottle depots are now open during their regular hours. People are encouraged to contact their local depot to confirm, as some rural depots are still working to reopen as quickly as possible.

Free stores remain closed until further notice but textile recycling is available at all depots. Neither Raven Recycling nor any of the rural depots will accept Styrofoam, as there is no viable market for that product.

Both Raven Recycling and the Government of Yukon are asking people to practise physical distancing at recycling depots and wash their hands before and after their visit to help ensure the depots stay safe.

People with large loads of recycling are encouraged to call their local depot before dropping it off. At Raven, people with large loads or people wanting to donate their refundables to a non-profit of their choice should label their bags with their name, contact information and preferred non-profit for donation, if desired. Raven will call them to let them know when their refund is ready. All refundables left at the donation bin at Raven will be shared with Humane Society Yukon.

Raven Recycling conducted a survey of 1,300 Whitehorse residents between April 24 and May 4 and found that 90 per cent of people have been storing their refundables, and 68 per cent of people have been storing their non-refundables. Approximately 30 per cent of respondents said they had thrown recycling in the garbage and two per cent said they had burned it. People who could not store all of their recyclables said they chose which materials to keep and which to throw in the garbage, found ways to reuse things like glass or cartons and tried to reduce.

Thank you to everyone who stored their recycling over the past two months in an effort to keep these materials out of the landfill and thank you to those who will start recycling again now that services are open. We encourage everyone to practise physical distancing and hand washing at the depots so we can keep them safe and open for everyone.

Minister of Community Services John Streicker

Our temporary closure highlighted the sheer volume of single-use packaging material consumers are forced to deal with. Please voice your support for improvements to how we manage materials, such as tipping fees and producer responsibility programs. Where you can, make the effort to avoid purchasing single-use items, reducing and reusing before you recycle. The satisfaction of reducing your waste is well worth the effort.

Executive Director of Raven Recycling Joy Snyder

Our municipalities appreciate everyone’s patience and cooperation over the past two months. The closure highlighted the value of this service, and our membership is glad to be back offering it to our communities. Please respect the safety of our public works staff and the public by practising social distancing and hand-washing when visiting our recycling centres.

President of the Association of Yukon Communities Gord Curran

Quick facts 
  • All rural depots are open or are working to reopen as soon as possible. Contact your local depot to confirm that services are open before you plan your visit.

  • Through the month of May, Raven Recycling began re-opening their public drop-off and opened their bottle depot for refunds on May 19. Since June 1, when scrap metal sales opened, all services have resumed.

  • Tipping fees at Marsh Lake, Mount Lorne, Carcross, Tagish, and Deep Creek will be introduced on August 1, 2020. Find out about tipping fees in rural communities

  • If you have a large load to drop off, contact Raven Recycling ahead of time at 867-667-7269 or contact your local depot.

  • To practise physical distancing at Raven Recycling, you can avoid entering the bottle depot by donating your refundables. Leave them outside by the front door and proceeds will be shared with Humane Society Yukon.


Matthew Cameron
Cabinet Communications

Kara Johancsik
Communications, Community Services

Ira Webb
Manager, Raven Recycling

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