Scope of Comprehensive Review of health and social services released

Minister of Health and Social Services Pauline Frost tabled the project scope for the Health and Social Services Comprehensive Review today in the Legislative Assembly.

The project scope was developed in collaboration with the five-member Independent Expert Panel, and highlights the values and themes which will drive the review. It also outlines key deliverables, stakeholders and timelines. The document notes that the review is not of the department but of the health and social services systems in place to support Yukoners.

The panel’s final report will be provided to the Government of Yukon in March 2020.

The Comprehensive Review is evaluating services that affect all Yukoners. The scope of the review was developed with the Independent Expert Panel and demonstrates the depth of understanding the panel members have about the importance of this work and their desire to have open conversations with Yukoners about what is important to them. We look forward to the feedback and strategic recommendations panel members will provide the department.

Minister of Health and Social Services Pauline Frost

This project scope provides a framework for how the Independent Expert Panel will work with the health and social services system, public, partners and stakeholders. We look forward to diving in and producing some recommendations that will improve outcomes for all Yukoners. We are excited to hear from all Yukoners where some of their challenges and opportunities are.

Chair Independent Expert Panel Bruce McLennan

Quick facts 
  • The comprehensive review is an assessment of Yukon’s health and social services systems, including key cost drivers and areas for improved coordination and integration of services.

  • The five values of the review are: access, quality, sustainability, coordination of care, and reconciliation.

  • The six themes of the review are: primary health care and delivery models; coordination of care within and out-of-the territory; system structure to better meet the needs of individuals with multiple layers of needs; aging in place; pharmacare and pharmaceutical benefits; and social supports.

  • The Independent Expert Panel requested the review period be extended until March 2020 to ensure the panel has the time to do its work and to hear from Yukoners, partners and stakeholders.

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