Survey finds Yukoners strongly support tourism

The results of the 2019 Yukon Resident Perceptions of Tourism Survey show that 94 per cent of Yukoners feel tourism is good for Yukon and 89 per cent feel tourism is good for their community. Measuring and monitoring resident perceptions of tourism was identified as one of the three goals in the Yukon Tourism Development Strategy.

The survey will be conducted every two years to gauge public perception and perspectives on tourism, including impacts, concerns and benefits. This year’s results establish a strong set of baseline data to help the Department of Tourism and Culture, as well as industry partners, understand Yukoners’ attitudes towards tourism now and into the future. The information gathered will be used to ensure the development of tourism, through the implementation of the Yukon Tourism Development Strategy, is consistent with Yukoners’ expectations and values.

This survey allows us to check-in with Yukoners to ensure that tourism management and development align with their core values and vision for Yukon. The results form a strong foundation for tourism to be a sustainable, vibrant component of Yukon’s economy and society for the benefit of future generations.

Minister of Tourism and Culture Jeanie Dendys

Quick facts 
  • One of the goals in the Yukon Tourism Development Strategy is to ensure that at least 80 per cent of Yukoners have a positive attitude about tourism.

  • A total of 635 households completed the survey.

  • The survey was developed by the department of Tourism and Culture and administered by the Yukon Bureau of Statistics.


Stewart Burnett
Cabinet Communications

Alicia Debreceni
Communications, Tourism and Culture

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