Watson Lake Air Terminal Building designated a Yukon Historic Site

Watson Lake Air Terminal Building, August 1951.  LAC, Canada. Dept. of National Defence Collection, PA-067427

Yukon has formally added another Yukon Historic Site to its registry with the addition of the Watson Lake Air Terminal Building. Minister Jeanie Dendys has designated the site under the Historic Resources Act.

The terminal was a key part of the Northwest Staging Route during World War II and provides an important and tangible link to Yukon’s fascinating aviation history. It was constructed in 1942 and has been in continuous use since that time. It is one of only two remaining Yukon air terminal buildings from the Northwest Staging Route and is the only one still in use.

As a Yukon Historic Site, the historic character of the site and building will be preserved. A formal ceremony commemorating the designation will take place in the community next year.

Historic sites are a physical connection to our shared past. The Watson Lake Air Terminal Building has significance for Yukon, Northwest Territories and northern B.C. residents. I am proud it will be preserved for future generations to appreciate.

 Minister of Tourism and Culture Jeanie Dendys

I am so happy to see the Watson Lake Air Terminal Building receiving the Yukon Historic Site designation. This beautiful building, with so much history, is very deserving and is something Watson Lake can be proud of. Thank you to everyone who helped with the nomination.

Nominator, Teri McNaughton

Quick facts 
  • The designation of the building has an effective date of September 17, 2019, based on the process set out in the Historic Resources Act.

  • The Watson Lake Air Terminal Building is the 10th Yukon Historic Site, the second in Watson Lake.

  • The Air Terminal Building was nominated by a member of the Watson Lake Historical Society.

  • The Watson Lake Air Terminal Building will continue to function as part of the airport infrastructure in Watson Lake.


Stewart Burnett
Cabinet Communications

Alicia Debreceni
Communications, Tourism and Culture


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