Whitehorse Legion helps Yukon students learn about service and sacrifice


The Royal Canadian Legion Branch 254 has donated $21,000 worth of DVD documentaries and educational plans for Yukon students to learn more about the significant service and sacrifice made by Canadian veterans.

These resources include a six-part documentary series and teachers guide created by the Thomega Entertainment Canada Remembers Commemorative School Project. The series covers Canadian men and women in the Canadian Army, Royal Canadian Air force and Royal Canadian Navy during the Second World War, Korean War, Afghanistan and world-wide NATO missions.

These resources will be available to teachers in all Yukon schools and in Yukon libraries by this fall.

We recognize and honour the service and sacrifice of Canadian veterans. I thank the Whitehorse Legion for this initiative and their generous donation, which will ensure all Yukoners, including younger generations, learn more about our history and those who have protected the freedoms we enjoy today in Canada.

Minister of Education Tracy-Anne McPhee

The Whitehorse Legion is proud to share the Canada Remembers resources with Yukoners. It’s wonderful to see our veterans share their stories and memorialize what they’ve been through. We must not forget what Canadian veterans have given us. We want future generations to learn about their service and sacrifice for years to come.

Whitehorse Legion President Joseph Mewett

Quick facts 
  • In 2016 and 2017, the pilot project launched in Saskatchewan and, with the endorsement of the Royal Canadian Legion Saskatchewan Command, 60 Legions participated, with over 220 schools benefiting from access to the educational series. 

  • Over a dozen youth were involved in the production of these documentaries by interviewing veterans.


Matthew Cameron
Cabinet Communications

Julie Terry
Communications, Education

Joseph Mewett
Legion president

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