Whitehorse students return to school on August 20

Whitehorse schools will resume classes on August 20, 2020.

The Government of Yukon and the Yukon Teachers’ Association have worked together to re-schedule a Professional Development day for teachers and school staff to support health and safety training for the 2020–21 school year.

A previously scheduled Professional Development day on October 1 for the Yukon Teachers’ Association Fall Conference is being moved to August 19 for Whitehorse schools. This will complement a Professional Development day already scheduled for August 18.

These Professional Development days will ensure teachers and school staff have appropriate time to review the health and safety guidelines for schools and any adapted school routines at their schools.

Rural schools are also being provided a Professional Development day for health and safety training. Any updates to the school calendar for rural schools will be shared directly with school communities by August 12.

We know school will look different this year, not only for students, but also for teachers, educational assistants, learning assistance teachers, counsellors and other school staff. Together with the Yukon Teachers’ Association, we are supporting school staff to safely return to the classroom and ensure they can support healthy and safe learning opportunities for their students.  

Minister of Education Tracy-Anne McPhee

These are different times for everyone and it is important that teachers feel prepared to welcome students back into the classroom. This training should give them the tools and the comfort they need to navigate the return to learning for both students and teachers.  

Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Brendan Hanley

In light of the COVID-19 restrictions, we are in favour of moving the dedicated Professional Development day that was to be part of the Yukon Teachers’ Association conference to the first week of school.  This move is important to help school staffs get ready for the new school year and to undertake health and safety training given the circumstances this year.

Yukon Teachers’ Association President Theodore (Ted) Hupe 

Quick facts 
  • French First Language students at schools managed by the Commission scolaire francophone du Yukon will also start on August 20.

  • Students who attend the Individual Learning Centre will now start on August 26 instead of August 25.

  • School operational plans are being finalized and will be released by August 12 based on the health and safety guidelines set by Yukon’s Chief Medical Officer of Health.

  • School bus services and routes are being adapted to meet the health and safety guidelines for school bus operations set by Yukon’s Chief Medical Officer of Health. School bus routes will be shared on Yukon.ca by August 12.

  • Health and safety guidelines for Kindergarten to Grade 12 school settings and school bus operations set by Yukon’s Chief Medical Officer of Health were released on July 23.

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Yukon Teachers’ Association President

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