Yukon and federal government bilateral negotiations underway for the National Action Plan to End Gender-Based Violence

The Yukon government has begun formal negotiations with the federal government to finalize its bilateral funding agreement and implementation plan for the territory under the National Action Plan to End Gender-Based Violence.

Provincial, territorial and federal governments, including the Government of Yukon, endorsed the 10-year National Action Plan in November 2022. This historic national plan builds on approaches and strategies to prevent and address gender-based violence with the goal of supporting victims, survivors and their families no matter where they live in Canada.

Bilateral negotiations will support finalizing a four-year funding agreement and implementation plan for the Yukon so that the territory can begin its work under the plan as soon as feasible.

The following considerations are informing the Yukon government’s approach to negotiations:

  • alignment with the national plan’s five pillars and foundation, as well as compliance with the terms of the agreement;
  • our commitment to implement the Yukon’s MMIWG2S+ strategy;
  • support for gender-based violence prevention programming; and
  • financial supports for women and gender-equity organizations in the Yukon whose work includes responding to gender-based violence.


The development of the National Action Plan was informed by years of engagement with stakeholders across Canada. Since its endorsement, the Government of Yukon has also appreciated receiving input from the Yukon Women’s Coalition on funding priorities.

After Yukon completes bilateral negotiations with the federal government, it will engage directly with key Yukon partners on long-term program and policy priorities towards ending gender-based violence.

With the funding received from Women and Gender Equality Canada, we can strengthen ongoing efforts in the Yukon and introduce new initiatives to address, prevent, and eliminate gender-based violence in the region. Our government is incredibly thankful for the contribution of Yukoners to the development of the plan and we look forward to partnering with local women-led and gender-equity-seeking organizations to bring about genuine progress.

Minister responsible for the Women and Gender Equity Directorate Jeanie McLean

Quick facts 
  • The National Action Plan to End Gender-Based Violence was released in November 2022. It contains five pillars intended to guide efforts across Canada:

    • Pillar one:  Support for victims, survivors and their families;
    • Pillar two: Prevention;
    • Pillar three: Responsive justice system;
    • Pillar four: implementing Indigenous-led approaches; and
    • Pillar five: Social infrastructure and enabling environment
  • Nationally, over 11 million people aged 15 and over have experienced intimate partner violence at least once since the age of 15. In 2009, it was estimated that intimate partner violence has an economic cost of $7.4 billion annually, and sexual violence, a cost of $4.8 billion annually.

  • Gender-based violence is a significant and complex issue in the Yukon, with rates 3 to 4 times higher than the national average. Over 61% of women and 61% of men in the Yukon have experienced at least one physical or sexual assault since the age of 15.

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Odile Nelson
Communications, Women and Gender Equity Directorate

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