Yukon athletes honoured at third annual Celebration of Sport Excellence

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One hundred and twenty-one Yukon athletes were awarded medals yesterday at the third annual Government of Yukon Celebration of Sport Excellence. The athletes were recognized by the Yukon government, Sport Yukon, the Yukon Aboriginal Sport Circle and Special Olympics Yukon for their dedication to sport after successfully competing at major Yukon, regional, national and international competitions.

The Yukon Sport Hall of Fame also inducted a new member at the event and the Yukon Aboriginal Sport Circle, Sport Yukon and Special Olympics Canada also presented their own awards.

Our territory is home to some of the finest athletes, coaches and sports leaders in Canada. These Yukoners inspire so many of us with their hard work, talent and the high standards they set for themselves. On behalf of the Yukon government and all Yukoners, I congratulate this year’s Celebration of Sport Excellence recipients for their many achievements.

Premier Sandy Silver

Yukon has a multitude of high performance athletes, from amateurs at the beginning of their sport career to elites competing at the highest level, including the Olympics. They are all supported by the many leaders and coaches that make up Yukon’s remarkably strong sport and recreation community. Congratulations to all of these individuals who have shown amazing dedication to their sports and inspired Yukoners with their achievements.

Minister of Community Services John Streicker

Quick facts 
  • Presentations were made of 63 Premier’s Awards of Excellence and 58 Minister’s Awards of Recognition – including recognition of athletes who participated in the 2018 Arctic Winter Games and 2018 Canada 55 Plus Games. In addition, two Olympians were recognized for their accomplishments at the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics.

  • Winners of the Premier’s Awards of Excellence and the Minister’s Awards of Recognition have achieved medal standings at provincial, national or international competitions. These athletes were nominated by their sport governing body.

  • The third annual Celebration of Sport Excellence was held at the Kwanlin Dün Cultural Centre in Whitehorse.



Olympic Awards

Dahria Beatty                                     Cross-Country Skiing
Knute Johnsgaard                            Cross-Country Skiing

Premier’s Awards of Sport Excellence

Presented in recognition of Yukon athletes who have excelled at Provincials, Western Canadian, National and International Competitions.

Jack Amos                                          Athletics
Jessica Frotten                                   Athletics
Aidan Hupe                                        Biathlon
Nadia Moser                                       Biathlon
Luanda Pronovost                             Canoe/Kayak
Mael Pronovost                                  Canoe/Kayak
Hunter Vincent                                  Canoe/Kayak
Dahria Beatty                                     Cross-Country Skiing
Knute Johnsgaard                            Cross-Country Skiing
Emily Nishikawa                                Cross-Country Skiing
Graham Nishikawa                           Cross-Country Skiing
Natalie Hynes                                     Cross-Country Skiing
Derek Dueling                                    Cross-Country Skiing
Etienne Geoffroy-Gagnon               Freestyle Skiing
Jadon Leenders                                 Judo
Dylan Cozens                                     Hockey
Gavin McKenna                                 Hockey
Garry Chaplin                                     Five-Pin Bowling
Wayne Thomas                                  Five-Pin Bowling
Mallory Pigage                                   Five-Pin Bowling
Leif Blake                                             Orienteering
Forest Pearson                                   Orienteering
Brent Langbakk                                 Orienteering
Kendra Murray                                   Orienteering
Philippa McNeil                                 Orienteering
Barbara Scheck                                 Orienteering
Victoria Ryan                                      Swimming
Katie Vowk                                          Volleyball
Darby McIntyre                                  Athletics
Ernest Chua                                        Swimming
Kevin Spofford                                   Swimming

Special Olympics Canada Summer Games Five-Pin Bowling Team             

Special Olympics Canada Summer Games Soccer Team
14U Girls Sub-Zero Volleyball Team

Minister’s Awards of Sport Recognition

Presented to Yukon athletes who have excelled at 2018 Arctic Winter Games, 55+ Games, Provincials, Western Canadian, National and International Competitions.

Sofija Jewell                                       Archery
Wyatt Kapaniuk                                Archery
Allan Benjamin                                 Athletics
Bonnie Love                                       Athletics
John Storms                                      Athletics
Nichollis Schmidt                            Cross-Country Skiing
Ben Puskas                                        Cross-Country Skiing
Ava Irving-Staley                              Cycling
Jessica Pruden                                  Athletics
Aimee Lien                                         Rhythmic Gymnastics
Emily King                                          Gymnastics
Maude Molgat                                   Gymnastics
Nesta Leduc                                       Orienteering
Pia Blake                                             Orienteering
Jenny Bonny                                      Swimming
Angela MacNeil                                Swimming
Thérèse Lindsay                                Swimming
Charles Turanich-Noyen                 Swimming
Jenni Beauregard                            Swimming
Mary Anne Myers                             Swimming

Canada 55+ Games – Gold Medal Winners

Elaine Hanulik                                    Bocce
Sherry Smith                                       Bocce
Louise Girard                                       Cycling
Gail Craigen                                        Cycling
Cheryl Clarke                                      Floor Shuffleboard
David McMurphy                               Floor Shuffleboard
Darlene Thompson                           Scrabble
Colleen Tyrner                                    Scrabble
Shirley Clark                                        Scrabble
Jenny Trapnell                                    Swimming
Sue Chambers                                    Swimming
Bonnie Duffee                                     Swimming
Tom Parlee                                           Athletics
John Hall                                              Athletics
Hank Leenders                                    Athletics
Brenda Dion                                        Athletics
Donna Jones                                       Athletics

2018 Arctic Winter Games Gold Medal Winners

Bianca Berko-Malvasio                     Arctic Sports
Veronica Porter                                  Ski Biathlon
Bronwyn Goodwin-Williams          Ski Biathlon
Kiana Mannings                                Curling
Sonjaa Schmidt                                Cross-Country Skiing
Derek Dueling                                   Cross-Country Skiing
Sasha Masson                                    Cross-Country Skiing
Victor-Emile Thibeault                    Cross-Country Skiing
Amanda Thomson                           Cross-Country Skiing
Hanna Jirousek                                 Cross-Country Skiing
Abbey Jirousek                                 Cross-Country Skiing
Doronn Fox                                        Dene Games
Sasha Kozmen                                  Gymnastics
Anders Petersson                             Short-Track Speed Skating
Caius Taggart-Cox                            Short-Track Speed Skating
Lucas Taggart-Cox                           Short-Track Speed Skating
Micah Taggart-Cox                          Short-Track Speed Skating
Lisa Freeman                                     Short-Track Speed Skating
Ben Machtans                                   Snowboarding
Jack Amos                                          Snowshoeing
Cassi Jensen                                      Wrestling
Judy Russell                                       Wrestling

Sport Yukon Award Winners

International Female Athlete of the Year: Emily Nishikawa
International Male Athlete of the Year: Etienne Geoffroy
National/Territorial Female Athlete of the year: Maddison Nicholson
National/Territorial Male Athlete of the Year: Dylan Cozens
Administrator of the Year: Bonnie Love
Team of the Year: Yukon Selects U15 Male Soccer Team
Coach of the Year: Yves Titley
Yukon Sport Hall of Fame inductee: Bill Curtis

Yukon Aboriginal Sport Circle Award Winners

Aboriginal Athlete of the Year: Kiiwaadin Swan
Aboriginal Arctic Sports/Dene Games Athlete of the Year: Emily King
Aboriginal Coach of the Year: Gary Bailie
Outstanding Commitment to Aboriginal Sports: Council of Yukon First Nations



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