Yukon First Nations Procurement Policy fully implemented

From the left, Council of Yukon First Nations Grand Chief Peter Johnston and Highways and Public Works Minister Nils Clarke

Today, the Government of Yukon implemented the third and final phase of the Yukon First Nations Procurement Policy.

Measures that recently came into effect include:

  • bid value reductions; and
  • the verification process for the Yukon First Nations business registry, which will now be managed by the Yukon First Nation Chamber of Commerce. 

This final phase of the policy marks an important milestone in the Government of Yukon’s journey towards reconciliation. With the policy fully in effect, there are a suite of tools available to help increase Yukon First Nations participation in the growing territorial economy.

By phasing the implementation, the Government of Yukon was able to include Yukon First Nation partners through working group meetings and connect with the business community by creating another working group made up of industry representatives. Both of these groups provided valuable feedback that influenced and strengthened the final policy.

The collaboration between all parties will continue. Through the Monitor and Review Committee, Yukon First Nations governments, the Government of Yukon and industry representatives, the outcomes will continue to be monitored and the policy adjusted as needed.

Our government is working with Yukon First Nation businesses to build capacity and become more economically self-reliant. We are already seeing results, as partnerships are forming and businesses are benefitting as we grow our economy, build local capacity and increase job opportunities. Through this partnership, we look forward to continuing to build a stronger and more diverse economy for all Yukoners.

Minister of Highways and Public Works Nils Clarke

Yukon First Nations welcome the full implementation of this policy that delivers on a Chapter 22 objective to increase the participation of Yukon First Nations people in the economy. This policy will improve outcomes for our people related to income levels, employment, educational attainment, and general wellbeing.

Council of Yukon First Nations Grand Chief Peter Johnston

The Yukon First Nation Procurement Policy fosters all businesses to build relationships, partnerships and investments. It creates certainty for investors, and growth for Yukon. Yukon First Nation Chamber of Commerce is pleased to be taking on the role of administration of the Yukon First Nation Business Registry and the verification process. The inclusion of Yukon First Nation businesses in government procurement allows for added growth not only to Yukon’s economy, but also the Yukon First Nation economy throughout Yukon.

Yukon First Nation Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Albert Drapeau

Quick facts 
  • The Yukon First Nations Procurement Policy was developed through a collaborative government-to-government process.

  • When the government first announced the policy, it was clear that the business community needed more time to engage. The government listened to the feedback and phased its approach to create avenues for the business community to participate.

  • An Industry Working Group was established to provide opportunities for stakeholders to be heard. The Industry Working Group met regularly to discuss tools within the policy and give feedback from an industry perspective.

  • This policy has the ability to benefit all local Yukon businesses. By partnering with Yukon First Nation businesses or hiring Yukon First labour, local businesses can be more competitive in the procurement process.


Renee Francoeur
Cabinet Communications

Madison Guthrie
Communications, Highways and Public Works

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