Yukon releases draft legislative summary of proposed Cannabis Control and Regulation Act

The Government of Yukon has released a draft legislative summary of its Cannabis Control and Regulation Act and is seeking feedback from Yukoners, First Nation governments and municipalities.

The summary outlines the key provisions of the proposed Act, which must be passed prior to the federal government's legalization of cannabis in Canada this summer.

The proposed Act is being developed in a manner to reflect the Government of Yukon’s guiding principles and is informed by feedback received from Yukoners in 2017.

The draft Act proposes that the Yukon Liquor Corporation is designated as the distributor corporation for cannabis as of July 2018 and allows for that designation to change in the future. It also defines the composition and roles of the Cannabis Licensing Board and details the process and requirements for private businesses to obtain a licence in the future to sell cannabis in Yukon.

The draft Act provides the rules through which cannabis may be imported, used, grown or possessed within Yukon. It also contains a section on enforcement, which sets out proposed penalties and rules about search and seizure by authorized enforcement officials.

Yukoners are encouraged to review the legislative summary by visiting engageyukon.ca/cannabis. Feedback is being received by email at [email protected] until February 12. The proposed act will be tabled in the Legislative Assembly during the Spring Sitting, which begins on March 1, 2018.

This act will be the foundation for legalized cannabis in Yukon. Over the next 30 days we will be meeting with First Nation and municipal governments across Yukon to discuss the proposed legislation and what it will mean for their communities. We will also be creating regulations that will provide for a controlled approach to cannabis consumption, distribution and retail in the territory.

Minister of Justice Tracy-Anne McPhee

Quick facts 
  • The purpose of the proposed Cannabis Control and Regulation Act, which supports Yukon’s guiding principles for cannabis legalization, is:

    • To permit legal access to reasonable amounts of cannabis while not promoting its consumption.
    • To ensure that cannabis is lawfully produced and legally distributed through a corporation designated for that purpose and legally sold in accordance with the regulations.
    • To protect public health and safety by regulating the importation, sale, distribution, possession, purchase, cultivation and personal consumption of cannabis.
    • To protect young persons (under the age of 19) from the harms associated with cannabis use and restrict their access.
    • To prepare for the opportunity of private retail sales.
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