Yukon University Act tabled in the Legislative Assembly

Bill No. 2, the Yukon University Act, was tabled in the Legislative Assembly today. It would set the legal framework for Yukon’s first university, allowing Yukon College to become Yukon University.

The proposed legislation includes provisions to ensure Yukon University remains a hybrid institution that offers university-level programs and college-level programs such as trades and apprenticeship, adult basic education and academic upgrading. This Act would clarify the responsibility of Yukon University to honour and support reconciliation with Yukon First Nations.

This Bill would allow Yukon College to become Yukon University, Canada’s first university north of 60. Our government is proud to deliver on our commitment to support Yukon College in its transition to Yukon University in a way that reflects the Yukon’s unique northern context and supports the growth of post-secondary education in northern Canada.

Minister of Education Tracy-Anne McPhee

Quick facts 
  • Feedback from Yukon College, Yukon First Nations, municipalities, the public and partners was considered during the drafting process for the Yukon University Act.

  • The Yukon University Act aims to ensure Yukon University honours and supports reconciliation with Yukon First Nations, building capacity of Yukon First Nations governments to implement final and self-government agreements and incorporating Yukon First Nations educational priorities into the university’s programming and activities.

  • The Yukon University Act would allow the institution to provide educational programs that serve the needs of Yukon communities, including providing a voice to Yukon’s communities through Community Campus Committees.


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