Yukoners’ access to routine glaucoma care now streamlined

Changes to Yukon’s Optometrists Regulation will now allow optometrists in the territory to treat glaucoma patients without first referring them to an ophthalmologist.

This change, effective immediately, will support quality and efficient care by aligning what Yukon optometrists practice with the training Canadian optometrists currently receive in glaucoma management. Under the change, optometrists must still refer glaucoma patients to ophthalmologists when necessary, for example, in the care of complex cases or if a case is worsening.

Expanding the scope of practice of optometrists means that Yukoners now have streamlined access to the care they need, an important step towards reducing red tape for Yukoners. This is yet another example of how modernizing and updating legislation and regulations can enhance the service Yukoners receive.

Our government is committed to improving the healthcare Yukoners can receive in the territory. These changes will allow optometrists to practice in a way that better aligns with their training while allowing ophthalmologists to focus on their areas of expertise and increases services available to Yukoners while supporting local businesses.

Minister of Community Services John Streicker


Janine Workman
Cabinet Communications

Odile Nelson
Communications, Community Services

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