Book a free photography session for your tourism business

This summer, we are providing an opportunity for businesses to update their photography portfolios with the help of a student photographer. The objectives of this service are to:

  • Enable tourism operators to showcase visual stories about their businesses;
  • get tourism businesses photos for social media, marketing, and promotional initiatives; and
  • help create content to promote the Yukon and its offerings.


  • A free service for businesses that may not have the budget for professional photography services. 
  • Participating businesses can expect 5 to 8 high-quality, edited photos.  
  • The images can be used across various marketing channels, such as social media, websites, and promotional materials. 

Who is eligible?

  • Yukon-based businesses that meet 3 of the following conditions:  
    • Has an office with a physical address in the Yukon. 
    • Is subject to theYukon Income Tax Act
    • Is registered under the Business Corporations Act and the Partnership and Business Name Act, where applicable; or
    • Has a valid municipal business license, where applicable.
  • Yukon-based not-for-profit corporations incorporated under the Canada Not for-profit Corporations Act that offer visitor or support experiences in the Yukon.  
  • Businesses and organizations, where applicable, must be in good standing with Yukon Corporate Affairs.


The student photographer will be available from June 3 to August 27, 2024. 

Book online now.

Schedule is subject to change due to interest in the service, illness, natural disasters, or other unforeseen circumstances.

How to Apply  

  1. Click the bookings page.   
  2. Pick a date and time when the student photographer is available in your region.
  3. Fill out all required information in the form that displays below your chosen session.

What to expect

  • Once your session is booked, we will contact you  within a day to confirm the booking and communicate expectations so you are prepared.
  • You or a representative will need to be on-site during the entire photoshoot.
  • Prepare any props or models you wish to be a part of the shoot ahead of time.
  • Ensure on shoot-day the location is clean, prepared, and well-represented.
  • Participating businesses can expect 5 to 8 high-quality, edited photos delivered within 2 weeks of the shoot.
  • A higher intake of applicants may prolong the editing turnaround time.

Other Information

  • Government of Yukon will own the rights to the photographs, but they will be licensed to your business.
  • Model releases will need to be completed by anyone featured in the images. These model releases will be supplied by Government of Yukon.
  • Only one booking per business is allowed.
  • This is a limited service, if you think the session will take longer than the allotted 3 hours, email detailing what you want to capture and the timee  it will take.

Not the right fit?

If your business or organization does not meet the criteria or you require a larger selection of professional photos, you may be able to access funding for photography through the Tourism Cooperative Marketing Fund. The Tourism Cooperative Marketing Fund provides funding to hire a professional photographer for photo content creation and advertising. Learn more about the Tourism Cooperative Marketing Fund.



For more information, email or phone 867-333-6923.