Vaccination requirement for travelling by air

Under federal regulations, as of November 30, 2021, air travellers 12 years of age and older in Canada must show proof of being fully vaccinated against COVID-19

Parking at the airport

Parking payment kiosks

Parking payment kiosks are located in the airport terminal and at parking lot exits.

  • Airport terminal payment kiosks accept cash and all major credit cards.
  • Parking lot exit payment kiosks accept all major credit cards.

Day-use parking

Use the day-use parking area if you are waiting to pick someone up or you need to park to drop someone off. No vehicle can be left in this section of the parking lot between 2 a.m. and 4 a.m.

Day-use parking rate

Parking for the first hour is free. After the first hour the rate is $1 an hour up to a $5 maximum for the day.

Are you waiting to pick someone up?

Wait in the cellphone parking area behind the Transportation Museum, across from the short and long term parking areas. Arriving passengers can contact you by cellphone after they’ve claimed their luggage and are waiting outside the airport. There is no fee and the maximum wait time is 30 minutes.  

Long-term parking

Use the long-term parking area if you are parking your vehicle for less than 30 days. Vehicles left longer than 30 days will be towed. If you need to park longer than 30 days we recommend you contact a local company to store your vehicle. There are no plug-in parking spots available.

Long-term parking rate

$5 a day to a maximum of 30 days.

Where to pick up and drop off passengers

Park in day-use parking if you are waiting to pick someone up or parking to drop someone off. The access lane in front of the airport is a fire lane. You will be ticketed if you are parked or waiting in your vehicle in this lane.

"No parking" areas

Any vehicles parked in designated "no parking" areas will be ticketed and possibly towed.

Parking lot security

Park in the airport parking lot at your own risk. Take care to ensure your valuables are secured.

Lost parking stub fee

There is an automatic fee of $150 for any lost pay parking stubs.

Submit your claim for a fee refund

  1. Get a copy of the flight itinerary from the day you lost your stub.
  2. Contact Airport Administration
  3. Submit your claim.