Apply for a Canada Student Financial Assistance Loan/Grant as a part-time student

  1. Loan for part-time students
  2. Grant for part-time students
  3. Complete your application

The Canada Student Loan/Grant for part-time students has 1 application process.


Students must submit their application at least 6 weeks before their classes end.

  1. Loan for part-time students
    • A loan is an amount of money you get to help you pay for school.
    • You have to pay a loan back when you stop going to school.


    As a part-time student you must:

    • be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident or a protected person;
    • be a resident of a province or territory that issues Canada Student Loans;
    • demonstrate financial need;
    • be enrolled in a degree, diploma or technical program of at least 12 weeks of study at a designated educational institution; and
    • be enrolled in a course load that is between 20 and 60% of a full course load (or less than 40% if you are a student with a persistentor prolonged disability).

    How much loan funding can you get?

    Up to $10,000 in loans in your lifetime. Use the Student Financial Assistance Estimator to find out how much your loan could be.

    When do you have to start repaying your loan?

    6 months after you finished your studies.

    How much interest will you pay on your loan?

    To find out the current interest rate, contact the National Student Loan Service Centre.

  2. Grant for part-time students

    A grant differs from a loan because:

    • a student may qualify for 1 or more grants;
    • grants do not have to be paid back; and
    • a student may be eligible to get more than 1 grant at the same time.


    When you apply for a Canada Student Financial Assistance (CFSA), you're automatically assessed whether you qualify for a grant.

    You don’t need to take out a loan to get a grant. But, you need to apply and qualify for a loan to get a grant. If you qualify for a loan of at least $1, then you can choose:

    • not to take any loan; and
    • to only receive the grant(s) for which you qualify.

    Who can combine grants?

    All Canada Student Grants can be combined with those available for students with permanent disabilities. Apply for a grant for a student with a persistent or prolonged disability.

    Available grants for part-time students

    Part-time students from low-income families

    Up to $1,800 for each 8-month academic year. For example, from September to April.

    Part-time students with dependents

    • Students with up to 2 children under 12 years of age may be eligible for $40 per week of study.
    • Students with 3 or more children may be eligible for $60 per week of study.

    Find more information, including the low-income threshold for your family size at Canada Student Loans for Part-Time Students with Dependents.

    Do you have to pay back your grant?

    You only have to pay back a Canada Student Grant if you:

    • received the grant in error; or
    • withdraw from part-time studies.

  3. Complete your application

    Do not apply if you have fewer than 8 weeks before the end of your school year. Your loan will be cancelled if your classes end before your loan is deposited into your bank account.

    Apply in the territory or province where you last lived for at least 12 months in a row. This does not include time spent in full-time post-secondary studies.

    How to apply

    1. Download the Part-Time Student Loan and Grant Application for 2021-22. Or;
    2. Download the Part-Time Student Loan and Grant Application for 2022-23
    3. Complete the application form.
    4. Submit your application.
      In person: Education Building (entrance to parking on Hospital Road), 1000 Lewes Boulevard in Whitehorse. We’re open Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
      Fax: 867-667-8555
      Government of Yukon
      Student Financial Assistance (E-13)
      Box 2703,
      Whitehorse, Yukon Y1A 2C6

    When will you find out about your loan or grant application?

    Processing an application can take up to 8 weeks. This can be longer if you are going to an institution outside Canada. You will receive a letter in the mail.

    You can appeal a Canada Student Loan/Grant decision

    Find out how to appeal a loan or grant decision.

    When will you receive your loan or grant money?

    1. You are approved for a loan.
    2. You’ve sent any required documents to the National Student Loans Service Centre (NSLSC).
    3. The NSLSC confirms your part-time enrolment with your institution.
    4. Your loan is deposited into your bank account:
      • either on the first day of your study period; or
      • once your full-time enrolment has been confirmed, whichever happens later.

    Your institution may ask for some or all of your loan amount go directly to fees owing. If this happens, a lesser amount may be deposited into your bank account.

    For more information, phone the National Student Loan Service Centre 1-888-815-4514.


If you have questions, email or phone 867-667-5929, toll free in Yukon 1-800-661-0408, ext. 5929.