Restrictions: COVID-19

This page lists restrictions that remain in place in the Yukon:

Where you need to wear a mask

You need to wear a mask in places such as:

  • long-term care homes;
  • health facilities;
  • shelters;
  • group homes;
  • the correctional centre; and
  • hospitals.

Other businesses, organizations and venues can request that people wear mask before entering a space.

Which high-risk settings require mandatory vaccination?

People working in high-risk settings

As of April 4, 2022, COVID-19 vaccination will continue to be required for employees, contractors and volunteers working in high-risk settings in the Yukon.

High-risk settings include:

  • long-term care homes;
  • residential substance use programs;
  • hospitals;
  • shelters;
  • residential programs for children and adults where staff provide care;
  • correctional centres;
  • Yukon government-operated community health centres; and
  • Yukon government-operated public health clinics, including the referred care clinic.

Read the news release.

How will people working in high-risk residential settings prove their vaccination status?

If you operate a high-risk residential setting, you'll have to develop a vaccination requirement for employees, contractors and volunteers. If you already have a policy, you can continue to keep your current vaccination policies in place.

All employees, contractors and volunteers must have 2 doses of a COVID-19 vaccine.

What if employers do not comply?

If you're an employer or sole proprietor in a high-risk residential setting, you must have policies in place that meet the minimum requirements.

Employers are responsible for ensuring compliance. Employees, contractors and volunteers are responsible for complying.

Penalties for offences are set out in the Public Health and Safety Act

Non-compliance by either an employer or an employee could result in a:

  • $500 fine per offence; or
  • $1,500 fine for providing false information.

How can you confirm the vaccine status of your staff?

It’s your responsibility as a employer to ensure that all of your staff working in high-risk settings are vaccinated.

Vaccination confirmation

What will happen if your staff do not meet this requirement?

Failure to comply with this new regulation may result in fines.

Email us if you have questions.

Your staff works remotely

This mandate only applies to contractors entering a high-risk setting in the Yukon. If your staff can carry out their responsibilities over Zoom or Skype for Business, they do not have to be vaccinated.