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COVID-19 note: SART is still working through COVID-19 times, we encourage Yukoners to seek supports and services. Call 1-844-967-7275 for support.


Yukon's Sexualized Assault Response Team (SART) provides a safe and confidential network of services that focus on your needs and choices.

If you've experienced a sexualized assault and choose to access services in Whitehorse, we can:

  • guide you through the process; or
  • be an ally to talk to.

We will walk along with you down any path you choose.

What can you do if you've been sexually assaulted?

If you or someone you know has been sexually assaulted, you can phone our Yukon-wide confidential support line. It's open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You'll speak with a trained professional to learn about your options. This person can help you access the emotional, medical or legal supports you need.


What's sexualized assault?

Sexualized assault is any sexual contact without your consent. Sexualized assault is a crime. It’s never your fault.

You may have been sexually assaulted

If you've been kissed, touched or forced to engage in sexualized acts against your will.

What's consent?

Consent means freely giving permission through words or clear, intentional actions. If something happens against your will, it means you did not give your consent. A person cannot give their consent if they're:

  • intoxicated;
  • unconscious; or
  • otherwise considered incapable of giving their consent.

Watch this video about consent:


Sexualized assault includes:

  • Being touched in a sexual way without your permission.
  • Being forced to touch someone for a sexual purpose.
  • Being forced into a sexual act, including being threatened with harm.
  • Being encouraged to consume alcohol and/or other substances until you're unable to freely consent to sexual activity.
  • Having someone change the type or amount of alcohol or drug you're consuming without your knowledge, until you're unable to consent to sexual activity.
  • Being a youth or child under the age of consent and someone engages in sexualized contact with you.
  • If someone in a position of trust, or power or authority over you initiates sexual contact with you
  • Changing your mind or withdrawing consent and someone does not stop their sexual activity with you.

If any of the above have happened to you, you may have experienced sexualized assault. Sexualized assault can have a strong, negative effect on physical and mental health. If you'd like to talk to someone about it or to access services, phone the Sexualized Assault Support Line

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