Transition your society

This page supports you as you transition your society to the Yukon’s new Societies Act.

How to transition

If you missed the deadline of March 31 2023, you must file the transition application with a copy of your society’s bylaws. You will not be able to file the transition form online using YCOR (Yukon Corporate Online Registry) if you missed the deadline.  

Fill out the form 

  • Download the transition form.
  • Attach a copy of your bylaws. You can attach new bylaws if they have been approved by special resolution, or you can attach your existing bylaws.

If you cannot find your bylaws, contact the Societies Advisor at 332-7950 or  

Make sure that your society’s purpose and your board of directors matches what is in YCOR. You can search YCOR and download a profile report for your society to help you fill out the form. 

Submit the form 

  • Drop off or mail the form to Corporate Affairs at 307 Black Street in Whitehorse; or  
  • Email the form and your bylaws to

Determine your transitional fiscal year 

Your transitional fiscal year is the year you filed your transition application. It matters because: 

  • you need to file the annual report for your transitional fiscal year using the old forms; 
  • when you file your annual report using old forms, old requirements for financial review still apply; and 
  • you can only file your annual report online once your transitional period is complete  

Make sure you understand how to file your next annual report before you plan your next AGM (annual general meeting). The old forms will expire for everyone after March 31, 2024.  

If you are not sure how to file your next annual report, contact the Societies Advisor at 332-7950 or .


Do I need to update my bylaws?

The transition application comes with the opportunity to update your bylaws. We recommend that your society either: 

  • Adopts new bylaws; or 
  • Makes sure their bylaws comply with the new Act.  

You can: 

  • Transition with your existing bylaws and update your bylaws later;  
  • Plan to pass a special resolution to approve new bylaws and attach new bylaws to your transition form; or 
  • Make sure your existing bylaws comply with the new Act and keep using them. 

Bylaws come into effect once filed with us.  


What happens if I missed the deadline?

The deadline to transition was March 31, 2023. If you missed the deadline, your society’s status will be “Default – Transition” on our registry. You can correct this by filing your transition form. 

Eventually, the registrar will strike societies that do not come back into compliance from the registry. The registrar will give you 60 days’ notice to come back into compliance before dissolving your society. 

How to transition if you are behind on filing your annual reports 

You need to file any missing annual reports before we can process your transition application. 


  • Make sure your transition form reflects the most recently elected board of directors 
  • When you are filing your missing annual reports, make sure you include your transition form and your bylaws to come back into compliance. 
  • Get your society back into compliance 


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