Travel expense report for Council of Ministers of Education, Canada, July 18 to 22, 2017

Department: Education
Location: Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
Purpose of this trip: Minister McPhee attended as Minister of Education. Provincial and Territorial Ministers met to discuss the shared vision for the future of Canada’s education system, and to set out a framework and action plan for intergovernmental collaboration for achieving that vision.


  • Tracy McPhee, Minister of Education

Total travel expenditures for participants

Airfare: $2,300.34
Accommodation: $1,220.05 
Other (per diems, taxi, etc.): $435.10

Total costs for this trip: $3,955.49

Individual participant travel expenditures

Minister Tracy McPhee (July 18-22)

Airfare: $2,300.34
Accommodation: $1,220.05
Other: $435.10
Total: $3,955.49

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