Who's the right psychologist for you?

Psychologists are not currently regulated in the Yukon. We're currently developing regulations for psychologists. If you want psychological services, we encourage you to do your research and consider the following.

Physician referral

You may need a physician to refer you to a psychologist who works at a hospital.

Searching on your own

You can do your own search for psychologists in private practice. Ask family, friends, religious leaders, teachers or health professionals for the name of a psychologist.

List of psychologists

There is no official list of psychologists in the Yukon. On this page, you'll find a voluntary list of psychological practitioners who are licensed in another Canadian province or territory.


Most psychologists will offer a short consultation free of charge. You can usually do it by phone, online or in person.

This is when you should ask questions so you can make an informed decision.

Ask if you're a good fit

When the consultation is over, be sure to ask if the psychologist thinks you're a good fit. Your area of concern may not be a good fit for their expertise.

What to ask about their licence

Are you licensed in a Canadian province or territory? If not, why not and would you be eligible? If you were licensed before, were you disciplined there?

  • Psychologists are not regulated in the Yukon. This means they do not have to have a licence to practice here.
  • They may have got their licence from elsewhere. Or, they may have only lived in the Yukon and not bothered to get a licence elsewhere.
  • It's important to understand the psychologist’s history. Were they ever disciplined? Have they ever had their licence suspended?

What to ask about their education and training

  • What's your education and training? What degree do you have?
    • The psychologist should have a master’s degree or PhD.
    • They should have experience or training in your area of interest such as:
      • child psychology;
      • developmental psychology; or
      • social psychology.
    • Do not be afraid to ask about the different types of training. It's important for you to understand everything the psychologist is telling you.

What to ask about their experience

How much experience do you have with my areas of concern?

  • The psychologist should ask about your background and why you want therapy.
  • Most psychologists can offer specific services such as:
    • counselling individuals, couples or families; and
    • various forms of therapy, intervention, assessments and training.

The treatments and techniques the psychologist uses will depend on your areas of concern. To understand what’s ahead, be sure to ask questions during your first consultation. Some example questions you'll want to ask include:

Treatment and therapy questions

What kind of treatment or therapy do you recommend? Is it effective for what I'm looking for?

  • The psychologist should be able to tell you about 1 or more recommended therapies and treatments.
  • They should also be able to speak to how well they work. Some therapies work best for specific issues. An example is that cognitive behavioural therapy is an effective treatment for depression and anxiety.

How long will therapy last? How long is each session and how often?

  • While this may change, the psychologist should be able to give you a starting range of sessions.
  • It's also important to continue to touch base with your psychologist during your sessions.

What will an average session be like?

  • Sessions can have various formats. You can have structured sessions with homework or they can be supportive and flexible.
  • Psychologists also differ in how much direct advice and feedback they may give.

What type of feedback and advice do you give?

  • You want to understand their methods and communication style.
  • If you need an empathetic ear and supportive listener, a person that challenges your thoughts may not be the right fit.

It's important to ask questions about how the psychologist’s clinic runs and what they expect of you.

  • What are your fees?
  • Do you accept insurance?
    • Note: often extended benefit insurance does not cover treatment or care provided by non-licensed psychologists.
  • Are your sessions in person or online?
  • How do you handle cancellations or missed appointments?
  • Do you have after-hours availability for crises?

This list is only for information. We do not authorize, validate or endorse any of these psychologists or their practice.

This is a voluntary list of psychologists currently working in the Yukon. If you do not see your psychologist on this list, it may mean they have not contacted us to be included.

If you're a psychologist and would like to be included on this list email: inquiry.plra@yukon.ca

Name Licence location Area(s) of expertise Contact Language
Muhammad Ali Alberta Clinical and counselling psychology

Email: Ali12729@yahoo.ca

English, Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi
Jeremy Baumbach, PhD C. Psych Ontario and NWT Clinical psychology - limited to sexuality and gender concerns Website: 
Charlene Bradford Alberta Clinical and educational Email: info@trailheadhealth.ca

Website: www.trailheadhealth.ca
Nicole Bringsli Alberta, Saskatchewan and Nunavut Forensic, educational and counselling Email: creativeworkspsy@me.com

Website: www.creativeworkspsy.ca
Leona Corniere Alberta
  • Clinical,
  • Certified play therapy - supervisor



Laura Friesen Alberta 

Clinical and counseling psychology




English and low German
Renee Joslin Alberta
  • Counseling psychology for youth and adults
  • Anxiety, depression, grief and workplace stress


Website: https://www.psychologytoday.com/ca/therapists/renee-joslin-red-deer-ab/2... 

Debra Kapaniuk Alberta Clinical and counseling psychology


Jessica Knopf Alberta - provisional licence  Clinical and counseling psychology Website: trailheadhealth.ca English
Tracy Kroeker Alberta  Counselling Psychology Email: tdkcounselling.com English
Colleen Laking Alberta

 Clinical psychology


Christine Lee Alberta  Clinical and counseling psychology Email: christine@transcendpsychological.com

Website: www.transcendpsychological.com
Brent Macdonald Alberta, Nova Scotia, BC, PEI Counseling and assessment (primarily children and young adults with complex learning profiles)


Vanessa McConnell Alberta Counseling, Psychology-Trauma(EMDR), Sex and Sexuality

Website: www.pivotcounselling.org

Email: vanessa@pivotcounselling.org

Angela Neufeld Alberta
  • Psychotherapy
  • Psychological assessment
  • Clinical supervision
  • Consultation
  • Specialize in eating disorders
  • Gender affirming care and readiness assessments
  • Equine and animal assisted psychotherapy

Email: Angela@neufeldpsychology.ca 

Website: www.neufeldpsychology.ca  

Aimee Griffiths-Petersen Alberta Clinical counselling psychology Email: aimee@creativeworkspsy.ca  
Kirsten Timpany Alberta Clinical and counselling psychology


Website: https://www.true-north-psychology.com/



Anwar Tuhl

Alberta Clinical and educational psychology Email: Anwar@creativeworkspsy.ca English, Arabic
Hannah Zimmering Alberta Clinical counselling Email: info@hannahzimmeringcounselling.ca English

Contact us if you'd like to be added to this list.