Green Infrastructure Program

This is a multi-year capital investment program. The program aims to reduce carbon emissions from Yukon government buildings and assets.

A diverse range of projects

Our Clean Future, Yukon’s strategy for climate change, energy and green economy, outlines:

  • the government's 2030 greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction target; and
  • a broad set of action items to get there.

Highways and Public Works manages the Green Infrastructure Program. The program focuses on meeting GHG reduction targets for public infrastructure owned by the Government of Yukon.

To do that, we are supporting a diverse range of projects:

  • clean and renewable energy generation;
  • building envelope improvements;
  • electrical and mechanical system retrofits;
  • efficient building design; and
  • performance-based recognition program.

To find out more about renewable energy options for Government of Yukon buildings, read our report.

Project themes

  • Biomass district heating systems
  • Solar power generation at off-grid buildings
  • Renewable energy installations
  • Energy retrofit projects

A holistic approach

Our work is guided by a 5-pillar framework.

Reduce emissions

Complete projects to reduce carbon emissions by:

  • cutting down the use of fossil fuels; or
  • limiting how much methane or soot we emit.

Encourage long-term certainty

Projects must:

  • adapt buildings to changing climate conditions;
  • help local supply chains develop; and
  • improve the operation of Yukon government buildings in uncertain circumstances.

Show value for taxpayer dollars

Projects must:

  • have a proven business case;
  • manage the cost of construction or building retrofits to keep spending low; and
  • reduce operation and maintenance costs over the long-term.

Localize economic benefits

Projects make a contribution to community development by providing opportunities for local businesses.

Provide leadership and excellence

Projects demonstrate leadership by the department of Highways and Public Works by:

  • reducing emissions from our daily activities wherever possible;
  • building partnerships among Yukon government departments; and
  • building partnerships between the Government of Yukon and municipal or First Nation governments. ​

Our vision

Our vision is to come together as leaders to address climate change. We'll do this by building thriving, resilient communities powered by clean energy and supported by a sustainable green economy.


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