Safer Schools Action Plan

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  • 7 recommendations and 23 actions
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  1. About the action plan

    We're coordinating with many government departments and other agencies to implement the action plan. Many of the actions aim to develop or improve:

    • guidance;
    • policies; and
    • agreements.

    These actions will clarify duties, roles and responsibilities.

    Dealing with serious incidents

    We've made it easier to:

    • have formal and informal dialogue; and
    • coordinate across departments and key agencies.

  2. 7 recommendations and 23 actions

    Recommendation 1

    Implement a policy and process for interdepartmental cooperation for significant events, and provide appropriate training.

    Recommendation 2

    Implement a Department of Education policy for addressing school incidents that includes criminal allegations against employees.

    Recommendation 3

    Provide better training for school administrators and better onboarding of the Department of Education employees.

    Recommendation 4

    Insure computerized databases in all school in the Yukon are capable of easily identifying families of students both past and present and information about educational assistant assignments.

    Recommendation 5

    Ensure school administrators, teachers and staff are provided training in respect of their duty to report and document suspected abuse on an annual basis.

    Recommendation 6

    Develop and implement a policy in cooperation with the RCMP regarding information sharing and working together in the event of an allegation of criminal conduct.

    Recommendation 7

    Fully implement the recommendations set out in the 2019 June Report of the Auditor General of Canada to the Yukon Legislative Assembly. Especially those in respect of inclusive education for students who have special needs.

    Our actions

    Read the 23 actions we're taking in response to these recommendations.