Find out who received a 2022 emergency medical services award

We give out awards to emergency medical services personnel each year for their contributions to the live of Yukoners.

Jon Trefry Award

The Jon Trefry Award recognizes emergency medical services personnel for their commitment to community and for representing the service in a positive way.

This year’s recipient is Alison Harper.

Director’s Commendation

The Director’s Commendation, or Chief’s Award, recognizes deeds and activities beyond the demands of regular duties.

This year’s recipient is Ryan Soucy.

Yukon Emergency Medical Services Decoration

All emergency medical services personnel who have completed at least 12 years of service receive the Yukon Emergency Medical Services Decoration.

This year’s recipients:

  • Devin Bailey
  • Ted Baker
  • Helena Belanger
  • David Bennett
  • Cathy Brais
  • Rian Buchanan
  • Jacquie Chambers
  • Rick Christianson
  • Laurel Cole
  • Timothy Colwell
  • Rob Dawe;
  • Jon Deline
  • Gerard Dinn
  • Kathy Donnelly
  • Trevor Ellis
  • Lorraine Graham
  • Eric Grasholm
  • Tanya Harper
  • Stephanie Hedley
  • William Hummel
  • Darlene Hutton
  • Andrew Lawrence
  • Diane Lister
  • David McDonald
  • Rebecca McKeddie
  • Patricia McParland
  • Duncan McRae
  • Erik Miller
  • Peter Mostyn
  • Tan Nguyen
  • Shelley Penner
  • Chris Pope
  • Saskia Robbins
  • Kel Sax
  • Alex Scott
  • Kirsten Sinclair
  • Shane Skarnulis
  • Gillian Smith
  • Ian Spencer
  • Dan Staley
  • Rick Staley
  • Scott Stewart
  • Jon Trefry
  • Patty Wiseman