Yukon Liquor Board policy manual

Name: Yukon Liquor Board policy manual
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Last updated: June 17, 2020
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This document explains the Yukon Liquor Board's conditions for Yukon liquor licences and licensees. The policies explained in the manual are: barring orders; advertising by licensees; when a new application and public notice are required; a fit person; the board's role in liquor licence renewal and time; hours of service; off-premises liquor licence considerations; appeals to permit refusals; restrictions to the entertainment; considerations for a special liquor licence; suspensions and cancellations of licences and permits; hearings and meetings; use of premises outside of licensed hours; procedures and records for RV park licences; requirements for public notices; guidance to inspectors in enforcing the Liquor Act and regulations; tastings and sampling of alcohol products; and procedures or approvals in principle.