Overhead view of the 5th and Rogers lot.

Yukon land lotteries and tenders

The Government of Yukon offers developed lots to the public through:

  • land lotteries; or
  • land tenders.

Learn more about current lottery or tender opportunities and how the process works.

Current land lotteries and tenders

Land application for 5th and Rogers

We’re holding a land application for the lot at the 5th Avenue and Rogers Street intersection in Whitehorse. This lot is also known as 5th and Rogers.

You have until Wednesday, May 4 at 4 pm to submit an application.

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Past lotteries and tenders

We only host information on current lotteries and tenders, as well as those that have ended recently. If you have questions about other past lotteries and tenders, email land.disposition@yukon.ca.

Land-selling process

The Yukon government develops and sells land primarily for residential and commercial use. We offer these lands to the public through a land lottery or tender. 

Lots remaining after a lottery or tender process may be offered over the counter or held for a future release.

Land lotteries

When there’s a land lottery, you enter a draw along with other applicants. You can choose, in order of preference, the lots you want to buy. We then draw tickets at random. If we draw your ticket, you can buy the highest-ranked lot on your list if that lot is still available.

Prices for lots are set either at the:

  • cost to develop the lot; or
  • market value of the lot .

Lotteries and tenders are held after lot development has been completed and other requirements have been met.

Land tenders

When we hold a land tender, we accept sealed bids for available lots. We then select successful bids based on criteria we choose for each tender. Selection is usually price-driven.

We set a minimum bid price for each lot. Your bid must be equal to or greater than the minimum bid to qualify.

We offer land tenders when lots are developed and other requirements are met.

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You can join our email list to get notifications when we release new lots by lottery or tender. To sign up or leave the list, email land.disposition@yukon.ca.

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