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Yukon Police Council

The Yukon Police Council acts as a liaison between Yukon citizens, the Government of Yukon’s Department of Justice and RCMP "M" Division. The council collects feedback from Yukoners to develop recommendations. Those recommendations are provided to the Minister of Justice to consider when policing priorities are being drafted.

Our purpose

The Yukon Police Council provides the structure to ensure Yukoners have a say about the policing services they receive.

Council members

The Minister of Justice is responsible for appointing members to the council. The council consists of 7 members. The Minister appoints a minimum of 3 Yukon First Nations people.

The Yukon Police Council’s main roles are to:  

  • ensure that a broad representation of Yukon citizens have input into the territorial police service objectives, priorities and goals established by the Minister of Justice;
  • provide advice that the Minister of Justice may consider when establishing policing objectives, priorities and goals under the Territorial Police Services Agreement; and
  • increase the flow of information between citizens, the Department of Justice and “M” Division of the RCMP.  

Read the Yukon Police Council 2022–23 Annual Report

Sharing Common Ground

The citizen-based Yukon Police Council was established in 2012 through the recommendations of Sharing Common Ground, the final report of the Review of Yukon’s Police Force 2010.

The report has 33 recommendations that:

  • respond to the concerns citizens raised during the review; and
  • outline the foundation to establish a new relationship between Yukoners and the RCMP.

Read the report

Sharing Common Ground: Review of Yukon’s Police Force - executive summary

Sharing Common Ground Final Report on Implementation

Sharing Common Ground - Review of Yukon's Police Force - full report


Community perceptions of the RCMP survey

From September 18, to November 30, 2020, the Yukon Police Council asked Yukoners what they thought about their police force – the RCMP. Read the survey results.


Public messages to the RCMP

These are the messages the public gave to the YPC through the survey.


Promote safer communities

Strengthen efforts to combat crime associated with gangs and drug dealers operating in our communities, property theft and damage, domestic violence, alcohol and drugs, and greater enforcement of the rules that govern traffic safety.


Increase inclusivity

Continue efforts to understand and support the policing needs of youth, Elders, Indigenous people, visible minorities and the LGBTQ2S+ community.


Focus on client service

Demonstrate greater consistency in showing patience, courtesy and respect when dealing with the public, particularly the victims of crime and their families.


Improve approach to dealing with mental health challenges

Ensure members are better trained and more appropriately equipped to deal with the mental health and wellness of those they serve.


Address racism

Acknowledge and reduce systemic factors that contribute to racism while making sure all Yukoners receive culturally-sensitive and appropriate policing services.


Increase visibility and presence

Enhance public visibility by increasing foot patrols and in person attendance so that members connect with Yukoners more frequently and in more meaningful ways.


Promote traffic and pedestrian safety

Increase initiatives that keep our roadways safe by enforcing traffic laws, and cracking down on distracted and impaired driving.


Demonstrate greater accountability

Ensure that members are held accountable for their actions and for the level of service they provide. This is a key step in building and maintaining relationships of trust with all Yukon communities.

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