10 things you need to know about cannabis under the new law in Yukon

Name: 10 things you need to know about cannabis under the new law in Yukon
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June 12, 2018
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An overview of what you need to know about cannabis under the new law in Yukon. This document includes information on who can use it and when, how to be safe when using it, how you can buy cannabis, information about landlords and tenants, growing cannabis and medicinal cannabis.

1. 19+ to buy and possess

Adults 19 and older can purchase up to 30 grams of dried cannabis (or its equivalent) per transaction and can possess no more than this amount in public.
30 grams of dried cannabis is equivalent to:

  • 150 grams of fresh cannabis;
  • 2,100 grams of liquid (e.g., oil) product; or
  • 30 cannabis plant seeds.

If you possess more than 30 grams of dried cannabis (or its equivalent) in public, law enforcement officers could ticket you or you could face criminal charges.

There is no limit to how much cannabis you can keep at home.

Remember to keep it out of reach of kids.

2. Sharing with minors is a crime

There will be strict penalties for providing cannabis products to minors—period. No exceptions.

3. Don't drive high

It is illegal to drive while impaired by drugs or alcohol. If you’re going to consume, park your vehicle, snowmobile or quad and dock your boat.

4. Keep it sealed in your car

If you have cannabis products in your car, make sure they are in a closed container and out of the reach of both the driver and any passengers.

5. Only buy from Yukon's licensed retailers

Buy from an approved retailer. It’s illegal to buy from your neighbour or any other unlicensed individual or source.

6. Use it at your private residence, not in public

Cannabis consumption is legal within the confines of your private residence (house and yard), unless you use your home to run a daycare or preschool.

If you’re caught consuming in public, a law enforcement officer will either give you a warning, seize the cannabis or issue a ticket.

7. Landlords can restrict use

Landlords can prohibit smoking or vaping and growing of cannabis plants within rental properties. Tenancy agreements that include no smoking will be interpreted to include no smoking of cannabis.

Landlords and tenants should work together to clarify rental agreements and put what’s agreed to in writing. Questions? Email: rto@gov.yk.ca.

8. Your household can grow 4 plants

Have a green thumb? Yukoners can grow their own cannabis for personal use. Your house – regardless of how many people live there – can grow up to 4 plants. There is no restriction on the size of plant.

Adults are responsible for keeping kids safe from plants and their products.

9. Keep it in Canada

Do not take cannabis across international borders.

While legal in neighbouring Alaska, cannabis is still illegal federally within the United States.

10. Medical cannabis regime still in place

Rules for medical cannabis come from the Government of Canada. Find out more about accessing cannabis for medical purposes.