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Acts and regulations

These are the acts of Yukon in an unofficial consolidation listed alphabetically and updated to the currency date. The consolidated regulations of Yukon made under each act are also listed under the acts, along with links to the new regulations made since December 31, 2018 (the date of the last update to Yukon's consolidated regulations).

See our alphabetical listing of acts and regulations.

Annual acts

Acts enacted since the Revised Statutes of Yukon were enacted in 2002 (RSY 2002) and before the currency date are listed by year in the form in which they were enacted, not including any amendments made to them since then.

See the listing of annual acts.

Table of Public Statutes (Acts)

The Table of Public Statutes (Acts) is in 2 parts.

Part 1 lists all acts contained in Yukon's Revised Statutes (RSY 2002) and all acts enacted after that. It also includes:

  • links to all changes made to any of these acts; and
  • information about the extent to which the act, or sections of the act, are in force.

Part 2 lists all acts that were in force when Yukon's previous Revised Statutes (RSY 1986) were prepared but were not included in the RSY 1986. It also includes references to amendments to those acts made before June 1, 2010.

The Table of Public Statutes is current to the currency date.

Go to the Table of Public Statutes (Acts).

Non-consolidated not in force acts (pre-RSY 2002)

This is a listing of all acts or sections of acts that were enacted before December 31, 2002, but have not been repealed and are not in force as of the currency date.

See the list of non-consolidated not in force acts.

New regulations

This is a list of new regulations made since December 31, 2018. This was the last update to Yukon’s consolidated regulations.

See the list of new regulations.

Index of regulations

This is a list of all of Yukon’s consolidated regulations. They

  • are current to December 31, 2018;
  • reference the paper copies published by the Queen’s Printer; and
  • include the legislative history of all of the Orders-in-Council that have amended the regulations.

There are also links to new regulations made since December 31, 2018. This was the last update to Yukon’s consolidated regulations.

See the alphabetical listing of the index of regulations.

Index of appointments in force

This is a list of all appointments in force made under the authority of an act. There are links to each appointing order.

This Index only includes appointments made by way of Order-in-Council, Ministerial Order or Commissioner’s Order.

Go to the alphabetical Index of Appointments in Force.

Progress of bills

See the Yukon Legislative Assembly's Progress of Bills web page. There is:

  • a list of all bills that have been introduced in the Yukon Legislative Assembly since the 31st Legislature;
  • their status; and
  • a link to each bill.

Ministerial responsibility for acts

This is a list of which acts are the responsibility of which Ministers, and includes a link to the Orders-in-Council made under the Government Organisation Act that assign responsibility for acts to various Ministers.

See ministerial responsibility for acts.

Repealed acts

This is a list of acts repealed since the publication of Yukon’s Revised Statutes in 2002. It is current to the currency date.

See the listing of repealed acts.

Yukon Gazette

This website provides access to the current and back issues as well as subscription information.

Find out about the Yukon Gazette publication.


Visit the Canadian Legal Information Institute (CanLII) website, which provides links to legislation and other legal material from Yukon, as well as other Canadian jurisdictions.


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