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October 25, 2021

<p>This is the RSV immunoprophylaxis program application form. It is to be filled out to enrol a high risk child.</p>

October 15, 2021

<p>This form is used to get a health approval and inspection for a new facility, location or ownership of a business. This includes beverage production and manufacturing, a care facility, a personal service, and bed and breakfast... more

October 8, 2021

<p>Application form for students pursuing full-time and part-time studies in Early Childhood Education</p>

October 7, 2021

<p>Use this form to submit an Expression of Interest for the COVID-19 Recovery Research Program to get funding for your project. Fill out this form if you want to lead and develop your research project.</p>

October 6, 2021

<p>Use this application form to apply to purchase alcohol for scientific, industrial or medicinal purposes.&nbsp;</p>

October 1, 2021

<p>Complete this form to make automatic payments to the Government of Yukon from your credit card. Individuals, businesses, organizations and governments can apply for this service.</p>

September 23, 2021

<p>Use this form to request a change to an existing timber resource licence; fuel wood licence; forest resources permit; or cutting permit. Changes include cancellation; amendment; renewal; or an additional cutting permit.</p... more

September 22, 2021

<p>Use this form to report the amount of commercial timber you harvested.</p>

September 22, 2021

<p>Use this form to apply for a fuel wood licence and cutting permit to harvest firewood to sell.</p>

September 22, 2021

<p>Use this form to apply to harvest forest resources including firewood for personal use and non-timber forest resources.</p>

September 22, 2021

<p>Use this form to apply for a commercial timber resource licence and cutting permit. This licence and permit are for timber other than firewood.</p>

September 22, 2021

<p>Use this form to apply to transport timber on a highway in Yukon. You do not need to apply if you're transporting 25 or fewer cubic metres of <a href="[uuid-link:node:8502ced3-5712-47d5-b267-dea630675e26]">... more

September 9, 2021

<p>A person who wants to purchase a personalized licence plate will use this form.</p>

August 26, 2021

<p>This form is to consent to the disclosure of health information to another individual. It should be filled out and submitted to a privacy officer.</p>

August 26, 2021

<p>This form is to declare status as a substitute decision maker for another person. It should be filled out to request a Proof of Vaccination Credential.</p>

August 25, 2021

<p>Employers use this survey to provide feedback on the Student Training and Employment Program, or STEP, to help the Government of Yukon evaluate and improve the program.</p>

August 24, 2021

<p>Use this form to apply to clear trees or remove forest resources for other land uses.</p>

August 24, 2021

<p>Use this form to apply to remove and use timber you cut during exploration or mining activities.</p>

August 18, 2021

<p>Use this form to get help to cover costs for medical travel.</p>

August 18, 2021

<p>This package provides information on how to apply for a new liquor licence, required information and application.</p>

August 15, 2021

<p>Societies currently registered in Yukon have until&nbsp; April 1, 2023, to transition and conform to the new&nbsp;Societies Act. Use this form to transition a pre-existing society. <a href="[uuid-link:node:... more

August 13, 2021

<p>Use this order form for the From the Ground Up fundraiser for daycares.</p>

August 13, 2021

<p>This is the order form for the From the Ground Up fundraiser for schools.</p>

August 5, 2021

<p>Use this form to change the registered office address of the society, between annual general meetings (AGMs).&nbsp;Use this form only after a society has transitioned.</p>

August 3, 2021

<p>Use this form if you are applying to Corporate Affairs to reserve an entity (business) name that contains a term that may suggest a Yukon regulated profession.</p>