Find out about computer use at Yukon Public Libraries

Public computers are available at all Yukon Public Libraries.

Community libraries

Check with your local library to find out about what services they offer.

Whitehorse Public Library

Whitehorse Public Library has a number of computers to borrow for limited times. Printing and photocopying is available. 

Public computers

The Whitehorse Public Library has:

  • 6 computers that can be used up to 30 minutes per day;
  • 2 express computers that can be used for 15 minutes;
  • 1 kids iPad;
  • 1 accessible iPad; and
  • 1 assistive computer station with a
    • height-adjustable table;
    • large print keyboard;
    • large touchscreen monitor;
    • trackball mouse;
    • portable CD/DVD player
    • Windows 10 with Ease of Access; and
    • a leather-padded office chair with armrest.

You can sign on to these computers using your library card. Guest passes are available for visitors.