A person standing with a full reusable cloth bag.

Yukon bag ban

The ban on single-use shopping bags will help reduce waste in the Yukon and protect the environment. The ban includes single-use plastic and paper bags.

Important dates

The bag ban was implemented on the following dates.
  • January 1, 2022: single-use plastic bags
  • January 1, 2023: single-use paper bags

Retailers are now prohibited from distributing single-use plastic and paper bags. 

What’s included?

The ban is for single-use plastic and paper bags of all sizes supplied by retailers to customers. 

Why paper bags?

Paper bags are single-use items. They’re resource-intensive and cause pollution and emissions when they’re made and transported.

What does the law say?

The Reduction of Single-Use Bags Regulation prohibits the supply of new single-use bags to carry or hold goods purchased or acquired from a business.

Municipalities may also have their own bag bylaws. Abide by all local regulations as well.

What’s exempt?

Certain bags are not included due to privacy, protection or health reasons or a lack of other reasonable options.

These bags include:

  • prescription drug bags
  • take-out food bags
  • bags for bulk items (food or hardware such as nails and bolts)
  • produce bags and other primary packaging bags for food items
  • bags for live fish, flowers or potted plants
  • tire bags
  • gift bags supplied as part of a gift-wrapping service

Bags sold as products

This bag ban does not include packages of bags sold as products, such as resealable sandwich bags, garbage bags and dog waste bags. Those items are still available for sale and use.

Reusable bags

Businesses can sell reusable bags that are designed and manufactured to be durable. Thick plastic film bags are not durable enough.

Reusable bags are a safe alternative to single-use bags. Customers should clean them like they would any other reusable object.

What can businesses do with any extra stock of single-use bags?

Retailers with extra stock can donate bags to charities such as the Food Bank which are unaffected by the ban.

Canada-wide plastics ban

The Government of Canada announced a ban on 6 single-use plastics, including check-out bags. Other items include cutlery, ring carriers, stir sticks, foodservice ware made from or containing problematic plastics that are hard to recycle and straws (with some  exceptions). The federal ban will come into effect as early as December 2023.

See more about the Canada-wide plastics ban.


We’re providing retailers with signs to help communicate this change. If you'd like to request signs, posters and floor decals to communicate the ban and encourage reusable bag use at your business, email envprot@yukon.ca.

You can also print off these materials:

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