How to bring liquor into Yukon

You can bring liquor into Yukon from another province, territory or another country if the liquor is for your personal use and consumption.

If you import liquor, it must be with you or be a part of your baggage and you and the baggage must be carried on board the same vehicle.

What are you personal limits on importing liquor?

Every trip, you can bring back with you for your personal use and consumption up to:

  • 9 litres of wine equal to 12 x 750 millilitre bottles; or
  • 3 litres of spirits equal to 4 x 750 millilitre bottles; or
  • 24.55 litres of beer equal to 3 cases of 24 x 341 millilitre bottles.

How do you order liquor from outside Yukon?

Use our special order service to order liquor from outside Yukon that is not stocked by the Yukon Liquor Corporation.

Can you order liquor directly from a producer?

It's illegal under the Liquor Act for you to order liquor from a producer, unless the producer has a licence for retail sales issued by the Yukon Liquor Licensing Board.