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Creative and Cultural Industries Strategy

Creative Potential: Advancing the Yukon’s Creative and Cultural Industries is a 10-year strategy to support the growth and development of the creative and cultural industries in the Yukon.

About the strategy

We released Creative Potential: Advancing the Yukon’s Creative and Cultural Industries on November 30, 2021. This strategy is the first of its kind for the Yukon. It lays out a long-term vision with 22 actions identified under 4 strategic objectives. The primary aim of the strategy is to develop the creative and cultural sector and increase its contributions to the Yukon’s economy and society.

Yukon’s creative and cultural industries

Creative and cultural industries definition: The production or reproduction, promotion, distribution and commercialization of goods, services and activities of content derived from cultural, artistic or heritage origins. Includes industries in written and published works, sound recordings, audio-visual and interactive media, visual and applied arts, live performances and heritage and libraries as well as the labour force and institutions required to support them.

Diagram of CCI Sectors
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The outcomes under the strategy’s 4 strategic objectives include:

  • viable and sustainable opportunities;
  • greater access, sales and discoverability in local, national and international markets;
  • innovative product development;
  • supportive infrastructure;
  • greater voice and representation for the sector;
  • relevant, accessible and affordable skill-based and business training;
  • tangible recognition of the sector’s contribution to economy and society; and
  • accelerated development of youth talent in the sector.
Diagram of Creative Potential Strategy Objective, Actions and Outcomes
Government of Yukon

Creative and Cultural Industries Strategy campaign banner

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If you have questions, email at or phone 867-332-3670.
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Strategy phase 1

The creative and cultural industries were severely impacted by COVID-19 restrictions. In the initial 3 years of implementation, we've prioritized 10 actions. These priorities:
  • address the impact of the pandemic; and
  • contribute to the Yukon’s broader economic recovery, and health and wellbeing.
Actions during this phase aim to support creative and cultural industries to:
  • build digital capacity;
  • reach new markets; and
  • contribute to employment and income.

Phase 1 actions:

  • Modernize and streamline existing funding supports.
  • Explore options to update branding and promotion of the Yukon’s creative and cultural industries.
  • Develop marketing and export strategies targeted to each industry.
  • Establish a dedicated sector-specific funding program.
  • Create a micro-grant program.
  • Create a new career advancement funding program.
  • Develop the Yukon cultural centres and museums policy.
  • Build industry understanding of complex issues such as rights, royalties and copyright.
  • Continue labour market supports to enable access to sector-specific training.
  • Establish baseline data to regularly measure, monitor and report on the economic and social impacts of the sector.

What’s happening?


On March 21, 2023, we received a completed report for “A Scan of the Funding Ecosystem for the Creative and Cultural Industries in Yukon”. The report analyzes the funding programs available to the creative and cultural industries (CCI) through the Government of Yukon. We selected recommendations from the report to implement and chosen subsequent actions for phase 1.

See what recommendations we have planned in our action plan.

The full report is available in English. To request a copy, email or phone 867-667-8383.


Since 2022, we have accomplished a number of phase 1 actions. See the progress report for more information.


Development of the strategy: Public engagement sessions, public meetings and surveys.

We held a day-long public sector engagement session on May 3, 2019.
The full Phase 1: discussion forum questions and responses report is available in English. To request a copy, email or phone 867-667-8383.
We held 35 facilitated public engagement sessions across the Yukon in fall 2019. 
An online survey was open from October 8 to November 30, 2019. Look at the Appendix C: survey questions.

The creative and cultural industries in the Yukon

2021 Statistics Canada Provincial and Territorial Culture Indicators

Provincial/Territorial Culture Totals for 2021:

  • Canada
    • Culture GDP: $54,762,198,000
    • Culture Jobs: 634,431
  • Yukon
    • Culture GDP: $67,776,000
    • Culture Jobs: 782

See the full Statistics Canada infographic online.

This infographic shows culture Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and job numbers by domain and subdomain for 2021.
Statistics Canada

Table description of the infographic: 2021 Culture GDP and jobs, detailed figures for Yukon

Domain Industry Culture GDP Culture jobs
Heritage and libraries Archives 68,000 0
  Libraries 82,000 0
  Culture heritage 735,000 15
  Natural heritage 413,000 9
  Subtotals 1,298,000 24
Written and published works Books 112,000 1
  Periodicals 1,006,000 9
  Newspapers 1,811,000 22
  Other published works 880,000 8
  Collected information 0 0
  Multi 2,733,000 43
  Subtotals 6,543,000 84
Sound recording Music publishing 40,000 0
  Sound recording 59,000 8
  Subtotals 99,000 8
Audio-visual and interactive media Film and video 2,025,000 44
  Broadcasting 5,574,000 43
  Interactive media 119,000 2
  Subtotals 7,718,000 89
Visual and applied arts Original visual art 814,000 23
  Art reproductions 70,000 1
  Photography 1,256,000 14
  Crafts 391,000 10
  Advertising 1,112,000 21
  Architecture 2,440,000 24
  Design 743,000 15
  Subtotals 6,827,000 108
Live performance Performing arts 3,108,000 83
  Festivals and celebrations 394,000 12
  Subtotal 3,502,000 95
Education and training 1,647,000 37
Governance, funding and professional support 39,717,000 329
Multi 425,000 7

See national figures for culture GDP and job numbers.

Detailed figures are provided by Statistics Canada through the Culture Satellite Account.

Who's listening?

The Department of Tourism and Culture and the Department of Economic Development.

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