Geothermal resources legislation engagement 2022

This engagement is now closed.

It ran from 2022-06-22 to 2022-09-29.

Check below for where to find results.

Where can I find results? 

You can find the results of this engagement in the What We Heard report.

What was this engagement about? 

We are developing legislation to administer and regulate geothermal resource exploration and development projects in the Yukon. Geothermal resources are a source of renewable energy that can be used to generate heat and electricity for a number of applications on a variety of scales.

We are interested in hearing from you on these proposed elements of this legislation:

  • a definition of geothermal resources in the Yukon;
  • a geothermal tenure and rights regime;
  • a regulatory regime that governs geothermal exploration and development activities that follow principles of environmental sustainability;
  • prescription of decommissioning procedures and reclamation responsibilities;
  • measures to address liability; and
  • a royalty regime.

How we got here

Under Our Clean Future, the Government of Yukon is prioritizing renewable energy solutions and clean alternatives like geothermal resources to help reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and meet our needs for electricity and heat.

Producing more of our electricity with local renewable energy will make us more self-sufficient and less vulnerable to changing fuel prices. Making sure we continue to supply most of our electricity through renewable sources is key to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions.

Energy, Mines and Resources’ Yukon Geological Survey is involved in geothermal research with First Nations governments. They continue to research the potential to use geothermal energy for heating and electricity in the Yukon.

How will my input make a difference? 

Your feedback will be considered as we draft complete and strong legislation to administer and regulate geothermal resources.

Give your feedback on the engagement process 

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Where can I find related information? 

You can find more information and engagement questions in our discussion document.

You can also learn more about geothermal energy with the following information sheets: