Modernizing Yukon park regulations

How do I participate? 

Read the discussion document.

Complete the survey before July 4, 2022.

For more information, please contact the Government of Yukon’s Parks Branch at 867-667-5648 or 1-800-661-0408, or


What is this engagement about? 

We want your feedback on modernizing regulations for the Yukon’s territorial parks. The proposed regulations will help maintain the quality park experiences that a growing number of Yukoners and visitors enjoy.

Your feedback on the proposed new and updated regulations will help ensure the Yukon’s system of parks and campgrounds protect natural, historical, and cultural values now and for future generations, and provide safe and enjoyable experiences for Yukon residents and visitors.

We heard through our recent public engagements on developing the Yukon Parks Strategy that parks regulations need updating.

We are seeking feedback on:

  • noise;
  • domestic animals;
  • liquor;
  • smoking (including cannabis);
  • on- and off-road vehicles;
  • aircraft use (including drones);
  • park zoning;
  • permitting; and
  • general park, campground and recreation site regulations.


How will my input make a difference? 

Your feedback will help inform the proposed approach to drafting new regulations under the Parks and Land Certainty Act. This will ensure that the new regulations serve the best interests of park users and all Yukoners.

Where can I find related information? 

Further to the discussion document, you can check out the Yukon Parks Strategy.

Where can I find results? 

We’ll publish results of this engagement in a What We Heard report after this engagement ends. Our aim is to have new and updated regulations in place for the 2023 operating season.

Give your feedback on the engagement process 

Share your thoughts on the engagement process by sending an email to