Proposed Resource Roads Regulation

This engagement is now closed.

It ran from 2023-03-08 to 2023-05-08.

Check below for where to find results.

Where can I find results? 

We will compile a summary of all the feedback received into a What We Heard report that will be available here after the engagement closes.

What was this engagement about? 

This engagement outlines the key elements of the proposed Resource Roads Regulation. We want to gather feedback and ensure the regulation is as comprehensive as it can be before it becomes law.

How will my input make a difference? 

We developed the draft regulation for resource roads after engaging with the public, conservation and industry groups, and consulting with Yukon First Nations.

Your input and feedback will help us ensure we got the draft regulation right, so we can be confident as we move to finalize this important part of managing our public land and future resource projects.

Where can I find related information? 

You can find information about the engagement in the discussion document. You can also check out the 2018 engagement on developing a Resource Roads Regulation.

Contact Mike Draper, sustainable resources legislation advisor and negotiator, by phone 867-667-3185 or email if you have any questions.