Find the status of Pan of Gold Pizza, Pasta and Sub's liquor licence application, item #23-06

Applicant or licensee

Socrates Gerovaggelis

Name of premises

Pan of Gold Pizza, Pasta and Subs

Application details

Public notice

Application summary

Board decision

Location of premises

1075 Second Ave, Dawson City, Yukon  Y0B 1G0

Nature of application

A new application seeking approval to extend the food primary licenced area onto a patio.

Current liquor licences

Food primary – all liquor and off premises liquor.

Number of licensed permises in the area

There are currently 11 food primary – all liquor licences in the Dawson City area. The closest licensed premises that holds a food primary – all liquor licence is the Downtown Hotel located at 1026 2nd Avenue approximately 97 metres away.

Structure premises

The premises is situated in a two-storey building. The proposed patio will be located at the front of the restaurant.


No change.


No change.