Government of Yukon supports new Yukon Innovation Hub

The Governments of Canada and Yukon are providing over $3 million to support the YuKonstruct Makerspace Society in the creation of the Yukon Innovation Hub. The hub will support innovation and entrepreneurship through a shared space with business assistance, networking and mentorship opportunities.

YuKonstruct Makerspace Society will develop the hub along with founding partner Yukon College.  The Yukon Innovation Hub will bring business and industry, post-secondary institutions and public supports together under one roof. The project aims to create a dynamic space that promotes an entrepreneurial culture of innovation and commercialization. The hub will support the development of innovative business in Yukon and help bring more products to market.

The new Yukon Innovation Hub location will bring together (co)space and YuKonstruct, Yukon College’s Cold Climate Innovation Centre, and the Yukon Development Corporation.

Through this partnership with YuKonstruct, the new innovation hub will bring together talented entrepreneurs, leaders in new technologies, and Yukon’s forward-looking business community. I am happy to see the Government of Canada, the Government of Yukon, and YuKonstruct working together to provide a gathering space that will set the stage to accelerate economic diversification and foster long-term sustainable growth in the North.

Member of Parliament for Yukon Larry Bagnell

The creation of an innovation hub in Yukon supports our government’s vision of an innovative and collaborative knowledge economy, where the exchange of ideas and expertise fosters individual success and collective strength. It will help us foster a culture of entrepreneurship that will result in incubation, commercialization, and export of Yukon-made innovative products. We look forward to seeing Yukonstruct Makerspace Society and their founding partner, Yukon College, bring this project to life.

Minister of Economic Development Ranj Pillai

The Yukon Innovation Hub will be an exciting catalyst for collaboration, knowledge-sharing and entrepreneurial problem solving. As a founding partner, Yukon College looks forward to collaborating with YuKonstruct Makerspace Society and, through our community, national and international networks, supporting ways the hub can encourage economic development opportunities across the entire territory.

Yukon College President and Vice Chancellor Dr. Karen Barnes

When YuKonstruct launched in 2014, we had no idea how many would benefit from a place to collaborate and develop their ideas. We have had exponential growth in the last 4 years and have realized the incredible value of providing a location where people can come together and experiment, create, and innovate. With the support of the Governments of Canada and Yukon and private sponsors, we are excited to bring together key partners and the territory's leading entrepreneurs and makers in one location to better leverage the synergies and creativity of the entrepreneurial ecosystem and encourage the innovation culture in the Yukon.

YuKonstruct Executive Director Jaret Slipp

Quick facts 
  • The Yukonstruct Makerspace Society is developing the hub to be located at 2180 2nd avenue (previously Super Valu) and is expected to open in summer 2018.

  • Canada committed $1.5 million to the project in the 2017–18 fiscal year.

  • Government of Yukon has budgeted up to $1.9 million towards the construction of the hub in 2018–19.

  • Yukon College will occupy 4,000 sq. ft. of the new 20,000 sq. ft. space.


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