Inventory to the records of the Wilkinson Family Fonds

Name: Inventory to the records of the Wilkinson Family Fonds
Arts and culture
Last updated: February 21, 2019
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These Yukon Archives fonds include photographs, textual records, and films primarily generated by the Wilkinson family, however, there are some records from the Porterfield and Thompson families. The textual records include correspondence between members of the Wilkinson family and friends of the Wilkinsons; journals kept by the Wilkinsons, and poetry, primarily by J.C. Wilkinson. The photographs, largely taken by Jared and Eddie Wilkinson, depict the Wilkinson’s life at Fort Selkirk, Plateau Mountain, Pelly Crossing, and Lansing from 1915 to 1980. They include views of communities, rivers, lakes, trapping, fishing, farming, hunting, wilderness areas, and people throughout the Yukon. The films, taken by Jared and Edwin Wilkinson, document the hunting, fishing, and trapping activities of the Wilkinson family during their years spent at Pelly Crossing, 1954-1958; the Wilkinsons’ years at Edgewood, B.C.; and at Pelly Crossing, Lansing, and Whitehorse, 1958-1977.