Inventory to the records of the Yukon Electrical Company Limited Fonds

Name: Inventory to the records of the Yukon Electrical Company Limited Fonds
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Last updated: February 21, 2019
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The fonds consists of Yukon Electrical Company Ltd. and the Yukon Hydro Company Ltd. records. The records provide information on a range of the companies' operations. Documents from 1901 to 1949 concern the incorporation of Yukon Electrical and the company's startup. The Articles of Incorporation (1949) and the Certificate of Incorporation of Yukon Hydro (1950) are also included. The remaining records illustrate the expansion of the YECL, particularly between the 1930s and 1960s, from a small operation providing relatively few customers in Whitehorse with electricity to a company seeking other sources of power to supply increased demand. They document some of the business conducted by the Yukon Electrical Co. beginning in 1930 and that of the Yukon Hydro Co. beginning in 1950. The financial records in particular reflect the growth of and changes to the companies. For certain years, the YECL and Yukon Hydro records show: residential and business customers; electrical rates and consumption; how the companies accounted for their spending and revenues; their assets, reserves and liabilities; and suppliers, equipment, and personnel information. Additional information is found in the correspondence, which consists mostly of brief letters and memos between supply companies and YECL referring to ordering and paying for equipment. However, some correspondence gives details about the company and individuals working for it (e.g. W.L. Phelps in his capacity as a lawyer), about relations between the company and its customers, and about the role of the company in Whitehorse. The operations and financial records created after 1958 illustrate how some of the company's operations changed after being bought by Canadian Utilities. The fonds includes: records documenting the incorporation of YECL and other legal papers; corporate membership certificates; financial records such as ledgers, journals and vouchers; correspondence primarily between the YECL/Yukon Hydro with other businesses; detailed information about the generating power of the hydro and diesel plants; submissions from a wide range of interest groups, including YECL, to a National Energy Board inquiry on electrical rates in the 1980s; and aerial photographs in the Whitehorse area. The fonds is arranged in six series: Corporate Records, Accounting and Financial Records, Correspondence, Operations Records, National Energy Board Submissions, and Aerial Photographs.