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Mining investment in Yukon

Located in the northwest of Canada, on the border with Alaska, Yukon is a mining jurisdiction with world-class mineral deposits where the Klondike Gold Rush occurred.

Why invest in mining in Yukon

Accessible by highway to the rest of Canada and the ports of Skagway, Alaska, and Stewart, BC, Yukon has more than 2,700 identified mineral occurrences and excellent geological potential. The 2018 Fraser Institute's annual survey of mining and exploration gave Yukon a high ranking – 3rd among Canadian jurisdictions and 9th in the world for investment attractiveness. This positive ranking continues to encourage investment in the territory.

The Government of Yukon has a progressive regulatory regime in place under the Yukon Environmental and Socio-economic Assessment Act (YESAA). Overseen by a board, mining projects can be viewed on an online public registry

Eleven of the 14 First Nations in the territory have land claim agreements in place. The territorial government works towards collaborations between all First Nations and industry to facilitate the development of mining projects. 

Contact the Business and Industry Development Branch to learn more 867-456-6821.

Mining camp in Yukon, summer

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