2024 rent index set at 4.9 per cent

Effective May 15, 2024, the rent index will be adjusted from five per cent to 4.9 per cent. Landlords may not increase rents beyond this prescribed rent index. Landlords may also choose not to increase rent.

As required by the Regulation to amend the Residential Landlord and Tenant Act, the residential rent index is adjusted yearly on May 15 to align with the Consumer Price Index for Whitehorse.

The rent index was implemented as part of the 2023 Confidence and Supply Agreement between the Yukon Liberals and the Yukon New Democratic Party.   

Quick facts 
  • The annual Consumer Price Index for Whitehorse, calculated by the Yukon Bureau of Statistics, is used to determine allowable rent increases.

  • The Consumer Price Index is a measure that reflects changes to the price of everyday items in Whitehorse.

  • If the Consumer Price Index increases to five per cent or more, rent can only be increased to a maximum amount of five per cent. For example, in 2022, the Consumer Price Index was 6.8 per cent so rent in 2023 could only be increased by a maximum of five per cent.

  • If the increase in the Consumer Price Index is less than two per cent, rent can be increased by up to two per cent.  

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Bonnie Venton Ross 
Communications, Community Services 

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