Amendments to the Environment Act tabled

The Government of Yukon has tabled Bill #28, an Act to amend the Environment Act to fully implement an extended producer responsibility system in the Yukon. 

From November 2022 to February 2023, the Government of Yukon heard from Yukoners about how an extended producer responsibility framework should work – including which products to include in the regulation and feedback on technical definitions.

The proposed amendments to the Environment Act will ensure the Government of Yukon has the authority to:

  • establish an effective producer hierarchy;
  • exempt certain producers from the extended producer responsibility regime; and;
  • ensure that producers outside the Yukon will be captured under the regulation.

Extended producer responsibility is a waste management approach in which producers of products and packaging are legally obligated to ensure those products and packaging are responsibly managed at the end of their life. This represents a departure from the current waste management approach, which is subsidized by Yukon taxpayers. 

Adding these provisions to the Environment Act will enable the passage of an extended producer responsibility Regulation in the winter of 2023. Implementing extended producer responsibility by 2025 is a Government of Yukon commitment under Our Clean Future: A Yukon strategy for climate change, energy and a green economy.

Thank you to all Yukoners who provided feedback during public engagement on Extended Producer Responsibility. The proposed amendments to the Environment Act are necessary to fully implement a modern extended producer responsibility system – which will help ensure the fiscal stability and long-term integrity of the Yukon’s waste management and diversion systems.

Minister of Environment Nils Clarke

Quick facts 
  • Extended Producer Responsibility is an environmental and economic policy approach to waste management. It means that the producers of products and packaging must ensure these products and packaging are properly managed when they reach the end of their life cycle.

  • Extended Producer Responsibility is intended to shift the cost of recycling and waste management from the taxpayer to the producer of the waste.

  • From November 1, 2022, to February 17, 2023, the government conducted full public and stakeholder engagement to collect feedback through stakeholder meetings, written submissions and a public survey.

  • Implementing Extended Producer Responsibility fulfils climate action I14 under Our Clean Future.

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