Amendments to Elections Act tabled

In response to shifting populations and demographics across the territory, including significant growth in Whitehorse’s Whistle Bend community, the Government of Yukon is working to ensure Yukoners are represented more equitably in the Yukon Legislative Assembly. Today, Premier Ranj Pillai tabled a proposed amendment to the Elections Act that will allow for the establishment of an Electoral District Boundaries Commission.

The commission will prepare a report for the consideration of the Yukon Legislative Assembly, proposing adjustments to electoral areas ahead of the next scheduled election. This adheres to the representation principles identified in the Act, to account for recent growth and distribution trends in the Yukon’s population.

A technical correction in the Elections Act is required to amend the use of new boundaries to six months or more after the Bill is given assent rather than six months or more after dissolution of the assembly. These amendments will allow for the legislative assembly to consider new electoral boundaries to be used in the next election.

These proposed amendments are the first step in our efforts to ensure fairer democratic representation for all Yukoners. The establishment of an Electoral District Boundaries Commission reflects our commitment to respond to the evolving demographics and population shifts within our territory. By making this change, we aim to strengthen our democratic process and uphold our responsibility to provide equitable representation for every Yukoner.

Premier Ranj Pillai

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Renée Francoeur
Cabinet Communications

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Communications, Executive Council Office

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