Check for recalled Solstice Haskap Cider cans

Check for recalled Solstice Haskap Cider cans

The Yukon Berry Farms is recalling Solstice Haskap Cider sold in six-pack, 355ML cans and four-pack, mixed 355ML cans, between December 17, 2020, and January 25, 2021.

The Yukon Liquor Corporation is advising licensees and residents to check if they have any of these products on hand.

The corporation has removed the affected product from shelves and encourages licensees to do the same.

The recall only affects the products listed below:

UPC code

Brand description

Lot codes


Solstice Haskap Cider 6x355ml cans

Not applicable


Solstice Ciderworks Cider Fix Cans 4x355ml cans with Haskap Cider

Not applicable

This recall is being initiated after several cans of the product were found to have deformed due to expansion.  

Return the recalled product to any Yukon Liquor Corporation store for a full refund, as this product may pose a health risk and should not be consumed.

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Amelie Quirke-Tomlins
Yukon Liquor Corporation, communications

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