Cultural Olympics promotes French language and culture among high school students on Yukon Francophonie Day

The Department of Education held its first-ever Cultural Olympics in celebration of Yukon Francophonie Day yesterday afternoon. French-speaking high school students attended Rotary Park to participate in a variety of activities and celebrate Francophone cultures with peers.

The purpose of this event was to provide a platform for students to express themselves in French and enhance their language skills within an authentic cultural setting, while also facilitating interaction between students who speak French as a first or second language.

Students from F.H. Collins Secondary, St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Secondary, and CSSC Mercier attended the event, which consisted of ten stations with various collaborative challenges. The students went through time-based challenges in small teams, with the winner being the team with the quickest time.

The event also featured music, snacks, and refreshments for the students.

Yukon Francophonie Day holds significant importance as it allows Yukoners to recognize and honor the historical and thriving presence of the Yukon Francophone community. We are happy to host today's event, which provides students with a valuable opportunity to immerse themselves in an authentic cultural setting, enrich their language skills, and foster connections with fellow French-language learners.

Minister of Education Jeanie McLean

It is inspiring to see so many incredible events, such as the Cultural Olympics, taking place across the territory to celebrate Yukon Francophonie Day. Providing opportunities for conversing in French in an authentic cultural environment is a great way strengthen the language and the Francophone community.

Minister responsible for French Language Service Directorate John Streicker

Quick facts 
  • The Cultural Olympics is a brand-new event this year in celebration of Yukon Francophonie Day.

  • The Office of the Commissioner of Yukon annually provides $15,000 in funding for the organization of community-based events to celebrate Yukon Francophonie Day.

  • There are various events happening throughout Whitehorse on and around May 15 in celebration of Yukon Francophonie Day.


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Cabinet Communications

Michael Edwards 
Communications, Department of Education

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