Department of Education releases progress report to Standing Committee on Public Accounts

The Department of Education has released a progress report to the Standing Committee on Public Accounts of the Yukon Legislative Assembly regarding its ongoing work to transform and reimagine the Yukon’s school system.

This document provides summary updates on actions the department has taken to address the recommendations in the 2019 Report of the Auditor General of Canada on Kindergarten through Grade 12 education in the Yukon.

The Department of Education accepted all of these recommendations.

The Department of Education welcomes this opportunity to provide the Standing Committee on Public Accounts with an update on our work over the past year to reimagine the Yukon’s education system. Together with our partners in education, we are creating school environments that are safe, inclusive and build on student strengths. Our mutual goal is creating a better future where every child belongs, connects and thrives. Education is also a key area of our reconciliation efforts and we continue to work towards decolonizing our educational system. I am proud to say substantial work has already been completed and more is underway in this new chapter of education in the territory that ensures our education system empowers all Yukon students.

Minister of Education Jeanie McLean  

Quick facts 
  • Since 2019 the Department of Education has launched a number of initiatives to address the gaps in Yukon’s education system and to improve student outcomes. These include:

    • Launching the Universal Child Care model.
    • Launching enhanced early kindergarten and full day kindergarten in most rural communities.
    • Working with the Chiefs Committee on Education to establish the First Nation School Board.
    • Finalizing a Collaboration Framework with Yukon First Nations.
    • Completing the Review of Inclusive and Special Education.
    • Advancing the Reimagining Inclusive and Special Education (RISE) work plan, which was developed with partners.
    • Launching the Ready-to-Learn Schools initiative.
    • Creating a data sharing agreement with Yukon First Nations and releasing publicly available student data reports.
    • Initiating work and engagement on a Student Outcomes Strategy, which will look at root causes of poor student outcomes, develop targets and evaluate progress on closing gaps.
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