Electoral District Boundaries Commission members appointed

The Government of Yukon  has announced the selected members who will participate in the upcoming Electoral District Boundaries Commission. This commission is required by the Elections Act.

The members are:

  • Chief Justice Suzanne M. Duncan – Chair, determined by legislation
  • Warren Holland  – nominated by the Yukon Party
  • Patricia Cunning  – nominated by the Yukon Liberal Party
  • Elizabeth Hanson – nominated by the Yukon New Democratic Party
  • Maxwell Harvey – Chief Electoral Officer

The commission's main goal is to examine the current territorial electoral district boundaries and suggest changes to the boundaries, number and names of electoral districts for the next general election.

The Elections Act was amended in the fall 2023 sitting to ensure an electoral district boundaries commission can conduct work and submit recommendations to the Yukon Legislative Assembly before the next scheduled Yukon election.

Regularly reviewing electoral boundaries supports balanced representation of Yukoners in the Yukon Legislative Assembly and strengthens democratic governance in the territory. Nominees from each party represented in the House have been appointed to conduct this important work.

Premier Ranj Pillai

Quick facts 
  • The Yukon Electoral District Boundaries Commission was last established in May 2017.

  • An electoral district boundaries commission is established after every second general election and the membership term concludes upon submitting the final report.

  • The commission is expected to conduct public hearings, delivering an interim report within seven months of its formation and a final report within an additional five months.

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